February 12, 2016

Cancun trip; Feb. 1-6, 2016

We stayed at a fantastic resort, The Royal Sands Resort and Spa, in Cancun. It was our first time there and it exceeded our expectations. Our room was beautiful and we had a huge balcony. Our room was one of a few that had a basic balcony with stairs leading down to a ballroom size deck with amazing views. The food was very good and the staff was amazing. There is no doubt that we will go back.

Plus, the La Casa del Habano was a 15 minute walk away. David, the owner, gave us a ride back to the hotel every time we dropped by his shop.

Following are pics of the trip with plenty of pics and info on the LCDH.

The view from inside our room looking toward balcony.

Stairs from our balcony leading to large lower balcony.

View from our balcony.

Back of the resort as seen from the beach.

Sunset in Cancun.

Panoramic shot of inside the La Casa del Habano



Back deck of La Casa del Habano

Pool at La Casa del Habano

"Guard dog"

On the dock in back of the La Casa del Habano

Cancun La Casa del Habano humidor

David with the Partagas Humidor, for sale in his shop. Selling price: $5000
Made in the likeness of the Partagas factory in Cuba.

David and I

This was from our first trip to the LCDH in 2006. It was less than 3 months after David purchased the Cancun
La Casa del Habano.

And this is us from this trip. We are standing in the same point in the shop 10 years later.

When we met David in 2006 he had 2 shops, the LCDH in Tiajuana and Cancun. 
Today he owns 7 shops. Here is a list:

Habanos S.A. has 3 levels of cigar shops. Not only are there La Casa del Habano, which is the highest level, they also have Habano Specialist and Habano Point. All the shops must sell products from Habano S.A., which means actual Cuban cigars.

(from the Habanos.com website)
Habano aficionados can find three tiers of Habano specialization in the retailing outlets, broken down from top to bottom in the following manner: La Casa del Habano, featuring a direct franchised and contractual relation with Habanos S.A.; the Habanos Specialist, and the Habanos Point- the last two hold no direct contractual relationship with Habanos S.A. because the program is applied locally by the Habanos Exclusive Distributors.

David has 3 La Casa del Habano shops including Cancun, Tijuana, and Cozumel.
He also has 3 Habano Specialist shops; 2 in Puerto Vallarta and 1 in Isla Mujeres
When you find yourself in this part of heaven make sure you visit one of his shops.

Enjoying the beautiful beach.

I'm not one of those foodies but we thought this was picture worthy. It's a pineapple
chicken salad served by the resort.

This was a guy selling fake Cuban cigars on the beach. They are the typical glass top boxes.

Here is a close-up of the boxes.

Sunrise as seen from our balcony.

Panoramic view at night from our balcony.

One last view from our balcony.

As you can see this was a beautiful resort. The trip to the LCDH was amazing. Seeing David
again was great. We are already making plans to return to this resort. I can
highly recommend it. It is beautiful!

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Aaron Taubman said...

Cancun is ever growing! Last time I was there was in 1997. The only LCDH shop was in a mall. The humidor was quite small. But they had everything I was looking for. I hope you had a wonderful and blessed trip. I really miss going.