May 21, 2016

Renzulli Cuz by Espinosa Cigars (6 x 54)

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(Description taken from website)
La Zona, the cigar factory owned by Erik Espinosa has created an exclusive cigar to Twin Smoke Shoppe in Philadelphia. The new cigar has been dubbed “Renzulli” and pays tribute to Twin Smoke Shoppe’s proprietor Anthony Renzulli.

Erik Espinosa has a long-time relationship with Twin Smoke Shoppe – which is the oldest cigar store in South Philadelphia. Thus, this made La Zona a logical choice when Twin Smoke Shoppe decided to release its own house blend.

Wrapper: Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Nicaragua (La Zona)

Vitolas Available:

The Renzulli is available in ten count boxes:

Cing U Bezz: 4 x 46 (SRP $5.00)
Cuz: 6 x 54 (SRP $7.99) (REVIEWED TODAY)
Minchia: 6 x 60 (SRP $8.99)
Goomad: 7 x 48 (SRP $7.99)

The cigar has a medium brown color and is well made. It has an average feel in the hand for a cigar of this size.

The test draw after cutting the cap was slightly firm. The initial flavors were sweet orange citrus, subtle graham cracker notes, black coffee, and a white pepper rated at an 8.

One inch in I still had the same primary notes. There are now some brown sugar notes to go along with the graham cracker notes. The coffee has moved up in intensity and there is some earthiness now. The finish is a toasted cream with some earthiness and some lingering white pepper. The cigar is burning evenly. The cigar is medium bodied.

Around the midpoint you cannot distinguish the citrus notes any longer. They seem to be a citrus/cedar flavor combining with brown sugar and a caramel flavor. I no longer have the graham cracker notes. The earthiness and coffee notes are still in play. The finish and strength are unchanged. The flavors are good but the mix is a little hard to pin down individually. d

As the cigar ended it had more changes. The flavor notes now are a sweet cedar with some light caramel notes and dark chocolate notes to go along with the black coffee. The earthiness went away. With all the changes the cigar did not improve or withdraw; it stayed about the same, just different. If you like a cigar that makes a lot of changes this might be for you. I found this to be a good cigar and I can taste the Espinosa impact in this cigar. Although this is a house cigar you can find them online at other retailers.

Score: 89

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