March 04, 2017

Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo (5 1/2 x 44)

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This version of Warped Cigars is fairly new. It came out in 2015 but may be new to a lot of you. It is all Nicaraguan and has no band. It is a medium brown in color and is triple capped.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA
Binder: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA
Filler: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA

As you can see it features the Aganorsa tobacco which is also used in the Guardian of the Farms that I recently reviewed. The cigar is available in one size, the corona, and it has an average feel in the hand for a cigar of this size.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were sweet orange citrus, brown sugar, and caramel, along with some whipping cream. The black pepper is very good. I rate it at an 8 1/2 to 9 at the beginning. Quite peppery. I am not getting a lot of the vegetable type flavor that I noticed in the Guardian of the Farms cigar. Since this cigar is all Aganorsa I thought that was worth mentioning. I get a little of the vegetable flavor but it is light. The caramel notes really tone down the citrus and brown sugar notes. It is actually quite smooth. 

About one inch (13 minutes) in the flavors seem to be in an even mix. The black pepper is still the only thing out of balance. It is massive and that's ok with me. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish is a combination of caramel and cream with plenty of lingering black pepper.

Just past the midpoint (29 minutes) the cigar is very consistent. Nothing much has changed. I like the way the caramel and whipping cream combine with the citrus and brown sugar. It's a very nice flavor. The pepper remains very good. The finish is unchanged. You still have a slight amount of the typical vegetable flavor but again, it's quite light. The cigar is still medium to full bodied but it is approaching full bodied. 

The cigar ended at 52 minutes. It also ended much like it has been burning all along. One thing that was not as evident until just after the midpoint is black coffee. You can really notice a nice black coffee base now. The other flavors are still, for the most part, in balance. The citrus notes decreased slightly but not enough to hurt. The pepper remained very good throughout. The finish was unchanged. The cigar hit full bodied in the final third. 

Score: 93

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