August 06, 2017

Viaje Zombie Super Shot 2017 (3 1/4 x 54)

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(Description taken from website)
The Zombie Super Shot made its debut in 2013. The line combines elements from two different Viaje lines.  The blend itself is based off the Viaje Zombie blend, but the cigar is released in the 10 gauge size (3 1/4 x 54) of popular Viaje’s Super Shot line. Since 2013, the Zombie Super Shot has been an annual Spring release for Viaje.

As for details of what exactly the “Zombie blend” is, it has never quite been disclosed – although typically it has been a Nicaraguan puro. While specifics on the 2017 have also not been disclosed. As in the past, the Zombie Super Shot 2017 is available in 25 count boxes.

It was in early 2012, when Viaje launched its Super Shot series. The name for the Super Shot comes from brand founder Andre Farkas and his interest in clay shooting. Farkas was hoping to create a short smoke while taking a break in between shooting. The cigars are shaped and sized similar to a shotgun shell.

The cigar is the same size as a shotgun shell and looks the part! For a cigar of this size it has a good feel in the hand. It is pretty dense feeling and has a nice oily wrapper. Notice the closed foot.

After cutting the cap you really can't give a test draw since the foot is totally closed. After lighting the cigar the draw was very good. The initial flavors were sweet cedar, caramel, brown sugar, and cream. There was a tremendous amount of black pepper which I rated at 8 1/2 to 9. The cigar has a full bodied taste but I would call it actually medium to full bodied at this point. 

About one inch in (32 minutes) the cigar is burning nice and slow and I'm intentionally smoking it as slow as I can. The burn is perfect. I started getting chocolate notes around this point to go along with the sweet cedar, caramel, and brown sugar. There is also light coffee at the base. The black pepper continues to be very good; perhaps it's a tick lower at this point but still quite good. The finish is one of caramel with a nice amount of lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium to full bodied at this point. The caramel and chocolate notes really come through. 

With about one inch remaining (52 minutes) the coffee and chocolate notes are elevated. The sweet cedar is barely there but the brown sugar continues to give the cigar some sweetness. The pepper remains very good. Early on I mentioned cream notes but I no longer get those. The cigar is now full bodied. You can start to feel the ligero at this point. The finish is caramel with chocolate notes to go along with the nice lingering black pepper. 

The cigar lasted 1 hour 5 minutes, going as slow as I could. The coffee and chocolate notes continued to be the lead flavors. The caramel notes are still there also. The cedar is barely detectable but it's still around. The pepper remained good throughout. The cigar is very full bodied. The finish was unchanged. This was a good, powerful little cigar. It had nice flavors. These fly off shelves as soon as they hit so good luck finding them. But, if you have one let me know how your flavors match up with mine. Good, short, powerful cigar.

Score: 93

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