February 25, 2008

Weekend review; February 23 and 24, 2008

What a Saturday in Columbia, SC!!! Temps in the high 60's and clear skies! Also, today is my daughter's birthday. Chelsea is 21 today!

The weather turned off much cooler on Sunday and overcast. No problem; just sit inside and enjoy cigars!

This weekend's reviews are:
  • Gran Habano Corojo #5 churchill

  • Gran Habano XL maduro pyramid

  • CAO Gold Maduro double corona

  • La Unica Cameroon Series belicoso #3

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gran Habano Corojo #5 churchill (7x50)

Nice looking, reddish cigar. It was spicey immediately. Very smooth. Some pepper noticed. Caramel undertones. You can "feel" the corojo. Quite a bit of spice in this cigar. A step up from the #3, which I also enjoy. Dark gray ash. Nice flavor; spicey caramel with a hint of pepper. Long, sweet finish. Nice cigar!

Score: 92

Gran Habano XL Maduro torpedo (6 1/4x52)

Very dark cigar. Lacks flavor initially. Spice noted but not significant amount. Cigar is smooth but at the 1" point still lacks flavor. At the 1 1/2" point spice greatly increased and the flavor became a dark chocolate. Very even burning. At the halfway point the cigar is quite spicey with full bodiness. Licorice noted. Lots of smoke. The cigar transformed into quite a good cigar. Remained spicey with heavy licorice overtones.

Score: 89

Sunday, February 24, 2008

CAO Gold Maduro churchill (7 1/2x54)

First draws were leathery and earthy. Caramel undertones appear at 1/2". Burn at this point is dead on. Spice gets prevelent at 3/4". Pepper present but in small amounts. Slight sweetness and rather dark caramel-like flavor begins. Burn still dead on. After 2" the flavor still sweet, dark caramel with spice and some pepper. Burn still perfect.

The finish is short. Not a lot of smoke with this cigar but extrememly even burning.

Score: 87

La Unica Cameroon Series belicoso #3 (5x50)

Nice Cameroon flavor right from the start! Light caramel with hints of toasted almonds. Spice at 1/2" point. I like Cameroon cigars. This one is no longer made! Very disappointing. The cigar is consistent. Very good Cameroon cigar.

Score: 90

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