March 17, 2008

Weekend review; March 15th and 16th, 2008

Scary weather Saturday! Tornado's hit several South Carolina towns! Luckily, all we got was wind and some rain. Sunday was very nice with high's around 70.

This weekend I had some very nice cigars. The one's I'm reviewing are:
  • Ashton VSG Robusto

  • Omar Ortez Originals Belicoso

  • Oliva V Double Robusto

  • Alec Bradley Maxx, The Freak

Saturday, March 15th, 2008

Ashton VSG Robusto (5 1/2x50)

Beautiful wrapper, well made cigar. Medium amount of spice at first few draws. Floral aftertaste. Finish is long and somewhat sweet. The flavor has toasted almonds undertones early on. The sungrown wrapper gives this cigar a unique flavor. Spice really picks up at the 1/3 point! The burn is nearly perfect. An extremely consistent cigar. Great flavor, spice, and burn.

Score: 94

Omar Ortez Originals, Belicoso (6.2"x52)

Dark, reddish colored cigar. Nice spice, some pepper. Caramel overtones. Finish is long. This cigar is right up my alley! At 2/3 point the cigar was still consistent. Very affordable cigar, at about $5 at the local shop. I love the spice of this cigar! Great burn!

Score: 94

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Oliva V Double Robusto (5x54)

Leathery and spicey initially. Lots of smoke. Transitions to a more caramel taste in less than an inch. Very nice spice in this cigar! Consistent. The combination of caramel and spice makes this a great cigar, IMHO.

Score: 93

Alec Bradley Max, The Freak (6.3"x60)

Huge maduro cigar! Somewhat spicey initially. Caramel undertones. Hints of ligero, yet medium bodied. Tons of smoke. Light leather undertones. Slight amount of pepper hits after a few puffs. The spice grows as the cigar burns. The maduro wrapper gives the cigar a hint of sweetness. This was a very enjoyable cigar.

Score: 91

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B Casanova said...

Nice blog you have going here. I never knew there was such a large cigar crowd in Columbia. I'll have to swing by the next time I am down that way.

You might also enjoy seeing my blog for some of the cigar work I've done.