March 10, 2008

Weekend review; March 8th and 9th, 2008

What a windy day Saturday was! I sure didn't want to be outside so I went straight to the Maduro Room to hang out! Met up with a bunch of guys who were doing the same as me; staying out of the wind!

Sunday was better but cool.

Cigars reviewed this weekend:
  • Camacho Corojo Maduro Gigante
  • San Cristobal Monumento
  • Camacho SLR Rothschild
  • CAO Italia Gondola
  • Vegueros Especiales #1 (Cuban)

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Camacho Corojo Corojo Maduro Gigante (6x54)

I picked this up from the Maduro Room. I started smoking it when I left the shop, so that's why it's mostly GONE in the above pic! I really liked the robusto size of this cigar and decided to try the bigger size. This is a very beautiful cigar. Well made. It did not disappoint either. Great mix of corojo, spice and pepper. There was a hint of sweetness due to the maduro. It started out medium bodied but changed to a more full bodied cigar. An experienced cigar smokers dream! I really like this cigar!

Score: 93

San Cristobal Monumento (7.2x49)

Great draw! This is a beautiful, reddish cigar. The cigar had a blast of leathery spice and pepper initially. Perfect burn. The spice is foremost with this cigar. The leather overtones changed to more of a toasted caramel flavor. The pepper sits nicely beside the spice withouth being overwealming. The cigar is amazingly consitent. I have said before that I love Pepin cigars and this one does not disappoint. At halfway point the burn is nearly perfect. The finish is long. Pepper and spice combination is amazing! An absolutely fantastic cigar.

Score: 94

Camacho SLR Rothschild (4 1/2x50)

Nice looking cigar. Very good caramel overtones with some spice. Consistent. Short smoke; an hour or so. Great flavor. Medium bodied.

Score: 92

CAO Italia Gondola (6.25x54)

Quote leathery initially. After 1/2 inch some spice kicked in. AT 1/2 way point the spice is still decent but the cigar lacks significant flavor. Leathery undertones remain. This is my second try at this cigar. I had one about a year ago and just did not care for it. This one, unfortunately, was the same result. I'm not a fan of leathery cigars. It lacked enough spice and it had no pepper. It just wan't my "cup of tea".
Score: 82

Vegueros Especiales #1 (7 1/2x38) Cuban

Wow! This was my first experience with these cigars, but again...WOW! A blast of spice and caramel with some hints of roasted nut undertones. There is a ton of flavor and spice with this cigar. Very tastey! Here is what the Cuban websites say about this cigar...

"Vegueros is a cigar totally made in Vuelta Abajo, the land of the best tobacco of the world. The solid building where this high-quality trade mark is manufactured was built in 1868. At the beginning this building had the function of a hospital of the Spanish colony, since 1870 as a prison and later in 1959 the School of Arts was established there. In 1961 it became into the Cigarettes Factory "Francisco Donatien". Today, history and a good taste offer a new jewel to the most demanding and experts persons. Vegueros, from the very Pinar del Rio."

I feel this is a fairly full bodied Cuban cigar. I love the extreme amount of spice it has! The finish is long! Very pleasing! Eventhough this was a small ring cigar I really loved it!

Score: 94

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St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

The Camacho Corojo maduro is one of my favorite full smokes. Tommy sent me a pair of the monarcha size, and I've popped for a couple corona size sticks locally. There's a B&M here with a couple boxes of the gigante size, but I just don't have the time to smoke a cigar that big. I may spring for a couple, then bury them in the humi for when I've got the time. What did it take 2+ hours to smoke?