April 07, 2008

Cigar Magazine rating, no. 9

Partagas No. 8 Maduro (6.25x47)

A beautiful cigar! Almost jet black with perfect construction, or at least it appeared that way. After cutting the cigar I gave a test draw. It was almost shut! This was a plugged cigar. After struggling with it for about 5 minutes I fould the plug; about 1/2 inch from the lit end! Once I got past that it smoked a little tight but it was smokable. The flavor was a bit spicey with maduro characteristics. It is not a very strong cigar. The spice actually increased quite a bit after the mid-point.

Cigar Magazine ratings:

Appearance: 96
Taste: 84
Construction: 80
Strength: 83

My score: 83

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