April 07, 2008

Weekend review; April 6, 2008

Since this was the weekend before the big S.C. Sit Down I was very busy getting the cigar bags ready. I had many cigars over the weekend but only one that I'm reviewing; the Indian Tabac Cameroon Legend Toro Grande Maduro (6.1x54)

I'm a big fan of the regular Cameroon Legend's and was quite thrilled to try the maduro version. Well, let me just say I was not disappointed! Look at the color! A wonderful chocolate! It still had the spice and sweet caramel flavor as the original but it also had a little maduro sweetness added. It also had hints of vanilla! The finish was rather long. The burn was very good. The ash was tight. A well made cigar. It tasted very good. This was my first run with the Cameroon legend maduro but it won't be my last! Also, you can pick these up on cigarbid for great prices! Check it out.

Score: 89

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