August 12, 2012

Espinosa robusto (5 x 52)

Video review HERE.

Many of you already know Erik Espinosa. He was half of the team of Eddie Ortega and Erik Espinosa of EO Brands cigars, makers of such brands as 601, Murcielago, and La Bomba. Then a year of so ago they sold the rights to Rocky Patel. Around the first of this year Eddie resigned from EO Brands and started his own company. (I have previously reviewed his cigars on the blog) Then, most recently Erik purchased back the rights to 601, Murcielago, and La Bomba from Rocky. He now has his own factory in Esteli and his own brand. His factory is called La Zona. The band at the foot signifies the La Zona factory.

HERE Erik explains a little about his move and cigars in a video from

Not much is known about the cigar since it's so new. In fact, Erik's website is still under construction and has no info on the cigar. But, I do know it utilizes a Habano seed wrapper with all Nicaraguan tobacco. Erik describes this cigar as medium bodied and says he already has enough full bodied cigars so he wanted to make something a little different.

All his cigars are triple capped...

and this cigar was nice and dense...

After cutting the triple cap the test draw was very good with the slightest amount of firmness but not nearly enough to do any harm. The initial flavors were sweet cedar showing signs of richness with a ton of black pepper (7 out of 10) and a little orange citrus, and coffee.

At about 1/2 inch the flavors settled down into sweet cedar with an orange citrus backing. Both of those have some richness. The pepper is very good and the coffee is holding at the base of the cigar flavors. The finish is light cream with quite a bit of lingering pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point.

At about the 1 1/2 inch point the richness has really increased. The combination of the cedar and orange citrus, at times, gives a cherry like flavor. The finish is more of a toasted vanilla now. The pepper continues to linger on the finish. I thought the cigar may move beyond medium bodied but it is still medium bodied.

At the band the coffee notes have really come forward. I'd call them espresso notes. Plus, there are some leather notes attached to the coffee giving the cigar depth. The cedar is the primary rich flavor with the citrus notes decreasing. The finish remains the same as previously described. The cigar continues to be medium bodied.

The cigar ended up very enjoyable. I really liked the deep espresso notes with a leather backing and rich, sweet cedar notes. The pepper remained very intense. The finish was pleasing with primarily a toasted vanilla and lots of lingering pepper. This cigar ended up medium bodied. It is not as full bodied as other cigars from Erik but actually it's very close. Some may call this a medium to full bodied cigar but I'd stick with medium. This cigar was very enjoyable and I think Erik has a winner here! Look for them on shelves soon.

Score: 92

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Cigar J. said...

Looks tasty, I've loved just about everything he's made so far, looks like this one is a little different.