August 31, 2013

Ortega Wild Bunch Wild Bill Cheroot (6 x 46)

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This is the July cigar of the Wild Bunch series, Eddie Ortega's year long cigar series featuring a new cigar each month.
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed
The cigar is a dark brown and well made. Here is a shot of the foot.
The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were slightly sweet cedar with a twang, orange citrus notes, a touch of leather with underlying earth notes. The pepper is around a 7 rating.
About 3/4 inch in the leather and earth notes are becoming very prominent. The cedar/citrus combination almost plays a secondary roll to the heavy leather and earth notes. To me, as long as the cedar/citrus combination can maintain a 50/50 split with the leather and earth the cigar will be good. I'm not a fan of overly heavy leather and earth flavors in a cigar. The finish is one of a toasted cream and it's very short. There is some lingering pepper. I would call the pepper a black pepper.

At the midpoint the flavor split now is about 70/30 leather and earth to cedar and citrus. In fact, you really can't tell that the sweeter flavors are cedar and citrus. They are overwhelmed by the heavy leather and earth. There is still some sweetness to the cedar/citrus but it's definitely at a disadvantage.

At the band the sweeter notes are showing some resurgence. The leather and earth reached their apex at the midpoint. Now the flavors seem to be heading back toward the way they were originally. I like that. Everything else is about the same.

Only about 1 1/2 inches remaining and the cedar/citrus notes are now at about a 50/50 split again with the leather and earth. There are now some dry oak notes.

As the cigar wound down the cedar/citrus continued to improve. The dry oak notes also increased. The leather and earth decreased slightly but in their place the dry oak moved in. I believe Eddie designed this cigar to start with lighter leather and earth and to build up to the midpoint to their max and then decrease in the latter stages. The finish remained rather short. Overall the cigar was very good. This is July's cigar of the month from the Wild Bunch series so get them while they're around!

Score: 91

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