July 01, 2017

Villiger La Flor De Ynclan Torpedo (6 x 52)

Villiger Cigars proudly announces that the Villiger - La Flor De Ynclan will be presented at the 2017 IPCPR in Las Vegas this coming July 2017. The La Flor De Ynclan is diligently crafted by Heinrich Villiger and master blender Jose Matias Maragoto of ABAM Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic.

Video review HERE.

Villiger Cigars produced a small batch of La Flor De Ynclan over a decade ago. Unsatisfied with the final result; the decision was made to cease production. The tobacco was set aside and aged, while Matias meticulously tweaked the amount of the Indonesian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobacco within its Ecuadorian wrapper. Present day, the La Flor De Ynclan is what both imagined it could be.

Heinrich Villiger stated: “The La Flor De Ynclan cigar has been an ongoing labor of love for us. We feel that there is a difference between a good and great cigar, Matias Maragoto and I hope you feel the same.”

Zafra Rum will be partnering with Villiger at Intertabac fair in Germany and will partner for a series of events in the near future.

Blend Profile
Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic (ABAM)

The Villiger – La Flor De Ynclan is available in three sizes and comes in 25 count boxes.

Robusto 5X50   $11.00

Torpedo 6X52   $12.00 REVIEWED TODAY

Churchill 7X48   $12.00

The cigar is well made and has an average feel in the hand.

I clipped 1/4 inch from the pointed torpedo cap and gave it a test draw. It was a bit firm but workable. The initial flavors at light up were a baby aspirin orange citrus. We all know the flavor of those baby aspirins we ate as a child. That's the same sweet flavor I got. There were also cinnamon notes and lots of brown sugar notes. There was white pepper rated at a 7. The cigar is very sweet and there is no mistaking the massive brown sugar notes. Nice start.

2 inches in (29 minutes) the flavors are like I initially described. They have only gone up in sweetness. The brown sugar is a deep brown sugar. It goes on and on. The finish is a brown sugar and cream with some lingering white pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. As you can see, the brown sugar is everywhere!

At the band (53 minutes) I have about 2 1/2 inches remaining. The burn is almost perfect! The flavors are basically unchanged. At this point there are light black coffee notes at the base. Now, this could be the lower end of the deep, dark, brown sugar notes but I'm saying there are light black coffee notes at the base. The brown sugar continues to be very, very sweet and deep. The cigar is starting to touch medium to full bodied. This is not an overpowering cigar but it's very sweet and I love the flavor combination. I can't overstate the massive amount of brown sugar notes that combine so nicely with the citrus and cinnamon. 

The cigar ended at 1 hour 25 minutes. The star of this cigar is the deep brown sugar notes. The baby aspirin orange citrus notes are also very sweet and the cinnamon adds some tingle to the flavors. The white pepper is just enough to be nice. The light black coffee held the base. The cigar hit medium to full bodied and the finish was unchanged. This was a very good, sweet cigar. If you like lots of brown sugar notes this is a good cigar for you. As far as I'm concerned the cigar is great. Not powerful but it has great flavors. The brown sugar is so deep it goes from the front end all the way through the finish. These are debuting at this year's IPCPR so look for them soon. These are a must try!

Score: 94

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