February 11, 2010

Hey! I made "Today's Joe"!

Joecigar.com is the daily deal site of Cigars International. I suppose I submitted a photo to them many months ago to be one of their daily "Joe Cigar" guys but to be honest I don't remember sending it in. Nevertheless, today I was Joe Cigar!
There is also a calendar of "Joe's": http://joecigar.com/MugOJoe.asp
There I am on February 11th!

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Papa Joe said...

Tim, Congrats. Funny that you posted this cause I came here to see if you were in fact the guy on Todays Joe. I posted on the boards there to see if you were a regular banterer on there.
Just as I was getting into cigars I was going on a cruise and through the cruise critic boards I followed alot of your advice as I was getting into the cigar world. Well a few years and few humis later I think Im sitting on about 400 or so sticks right now. Thanks for the sound words as I was coming up lurking on cruise critic trying learn as much as I could about cigars.
Long ashes, Havana Joe.