February 16, 2011

Warlock Churchill review

Warlock churchill (7x54)

Warlock is a new cigar from Altadis which is made by Omar Ortez. The cigar has a specially selected Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and sumptuous blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.  I first became familiar with Warlock in December of last year when Altadis sent me some for an event with the local cigar guys. Now it's time for a full review.

The cigar started with rich orange citrus spice with raw almond notes and subtle vanilla notes. It also has amazing black pepper! The finish is very long with lightly sweet raw almonds and vanilla notes. The draw was very good. At the midpoint there are no big changes; still has rich orange citrus...which I absolutely love. The cigar burned very evenly; no touch ups at this point.

The finish is a very big part of this cigar. The long, sweet raw almond taste lingers on and on, as well as the black pepper on the palate. The vanilla plays very well with the raw almonds. Together the two make for a rich, long finish.

The cigar stayed consistent to the end. The burn was nice and even all the way through. I enjoyed this cigar very much. They are now available at your local shop at a very good price point; around $7 each for this size. This is a very good addition to the Altadis lineup.

Score: 92


Martycigar@aol.com said...

It's nice to know what your palate thinks of the cigar, but where is the rest or a review. Did it draw well, did it smoke well with no touch up's, do you agree with the posted strength etc. How about you let us know whenever you actually do the full review.

Tiny Tim said...

Fair enough Marty; no need to get excited! I'll add those points to the review; they are valid. I really don't care what the book says on the strength because I tell what I think about it.