December 22, 2010

Altadis Warlock event; December 21, 2010

Tuesday night we had a tasting event for the new Altadis cigar from Omar Ortez, Warlock.

Up until now I had not heard of Warlock but was interested to see what it was like. I learned it was primarily Nicaraguan so I was a little more interested. The cigar actually has an Ecuadorian Cubano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan and Dominican filler. We had the 7x54 size.

It started with a sweet orange citrus with cinnamon spice and light vanilla notes. It also had a very nice amount of pepper. The finish was long with vanilla and raw almond notes. The cigar changed at midpoint becoming a little subtle on the spice notes but still flavorful. The change was not enough to take away from the cigar being quite tasty. I will do a full review later but after this initial sample I am quite pleased.

Thanks to John Conroy for supplying the cigars for our group to sample. Everyone enjoyed them and had good things to say about them.

Here is our little group as we sampled the Warlock cigars:








The whole group

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