October 14, 2011

Arthur Kemper of Perdomo Cigars/Lite Um Up Golf Tournament

I'm not a golfer but when I heard that Arthur Kemper was going to be there I found a way to stop by and meet him. Arthur is Vice President of Perdomo Cigars.

Arthur Kemper and me

The son of American parents of German and Irish descent, Arthur was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

In 1995, Arthur began a new adventure of his own in the cigar industry.

When Arthur and his wife moved to Miami in 2001, he worked at Perdomo’s Flagler Street location in Little Havana. As Perdomo began to build its in-house sales force in 2005, Arthur was promoted to Director of Sales. He traveled with each of the sales representatives, building relationships, hosting promotional events, and growing Perdomo’s presence across the country.

Promoted to Vice President in 2007, Arthur assumed greater responsibility over all facets of the business. Responsible for overseeing the company’s agricultural and manufacturing operations in Nicaragua, as well as new product development and marketing strategies, Arthur is actively engaged in everything Perdomo. Arthur is known for his passion, commitment, and sincerity throughout the cigar industry.

Arthur explains:

“I enjoy visiting cigar stores across the country. No matter who you are or where you come from, when you go into a cigar store there is an automatic level of respect and friendship between cigar smokers. It’s one of the few places where people can actually relax, let their guard down, and enjoy each other’s company.”

Arthur was in town to help promote Tom Burn's 3rd annual golf tournament.. Tom is the owner of Lite Um Up Cigars on Hardscrabble Road in northeast Columbia.

Tom Burns, owner of Lite Um Up Cigars

Also attending with Arthur was Jeff Godfrey, area rep for Perdomo Cigars.

Jeff Godfrey, area rep for Perdomo Cigars with Arthur Kemper, Vice President of Perdomo Cigars

I have been a fan of Perdomo Cigars for years and have reviewed many of their cigars. They always score high ratings. Thanks to Arthur for taking a few minutes to meet with me.

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