August 26, 2012

Tabacos Mundial Habano Rose Toro (6x50)

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Tabacos Mundial is a small family oporated factory out of Esteli, Nicaragua run by the Guillen brothers.

Our family has been working with tobacco since childhood and rolling cigars since our teens. Now in our 20s and 30s we are ready to venture out into the industry on our own. We started in rolling for our first client in 2007 and have been working to provide private label and house blends ever since. In June 2012 we were granted our US import license and are now making our first attempt at bringing our cigars directly to the public.
Their products are quite reasonable and they offer sampler packs. I am happy to introduce you to their cigars and hope you will try them.

The toro is a medium brown in color and has nice density.

As you can see from the picture their cigars are unbanded. They are sold in bundles of 20 cigars.

After cutting the cap the test draw was good. The initial flavor I got was a sweet vanilla, followed by a lot of white pepper. There were also some light orange citrus notes.

About an inch in the flavors are just as I described but you can add earthiness to those. You might describe it as a coffee flavor but I'll go with earthiness. There is also a little tangy-ness to the spice. The finish is pretty much one of vanilla and it's a medium finish; not long or short, medium. There is a touch of lingering pepper.

At, or just beyond the midpoint there is a touch of richness showing up in the citrus notes. Not as much as I would like to see but there is some. The earth notes have wood notes in them now. The vanilla notes seem to be toning down the orange citrus and they are not overly noticeable. The cigar is medium bodied and does not show signs of going any further. The burn is very even.

There were no major changes to the end with the exception there was a decrease in the richness but not enough to make much difference. The earth/wood flavors sometimes have a nutty flavor mixed in them. The pepper remained very good. The cigar stayed medium bodied. I enjoyed the cigar. These cigars are priced so affordable they are a must try for anyone who likes Nicaraguan cigars.

Score: 89

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splattttttt said...

Hey Tim, glad you like thse (Habano Rose by Tobacos Mundial) Have some on the way.
Hopefully before I take off for some bow hunting in the hills of NY state.