January 05, 2013

Bugatti Connecticut Churchill (7 x 54)

Video review HERE.

The name Bugatti is synonymous with luxury. They decided to add a line of cigars to their line up and I am fortunate to be able to review them. Today I am reviewing the Connecticut version. Later I will review the maduro version. The samples I have are both churchills, 7 x 54.

Aside from the Connecticut wrapper this cigar utilizes 4 year aged seco leaves, 5 year aged viso leaves, and 6 year aged ligero leaves.

When deciding on which company to blend and produce their cigars they decided on the Perdomo company. A very good choice.

This is an elegant looking cigar that is very well made. There are no veins or blemishes and it is very dense feeling.

After cutting the minimum from the cap the test draw was very good. The initial flavors at light up were sweet grapefruit notes. The pepper was very good and I rate it at a 7.

About 1/2 inch in the flavors have settled down into a nice, sweet grapefruit with some vanilla notes. There are also coffee notes. The pepper is still very good. The cigar is very smooth and silky. The finish is hard to pin down. It has properties of caramel and sweet cream. At this point it could be a toss up but I'm going with sweet cream. I would call the cigar mild to medium but I expect it to go further.

Just over an inch in there are nutmeg notes that combine with the sweet grapefruit citrus. There is no richness yet but I'm very hopeful. One interesting note, my wife came in at this point and asked what cigar I was smoking. I told her a Bugatti. She said "it smells nice". She's been around me and a lot of cigars over the years and she rarely tells me one smells "good" so that was nice to hear. The cigar continues to be very smooth. The finish also continues to be a toss up between caramel and sweet cream.

Close to the midpoint I am at the one hour point of the cigar. The vanilla notes have gone away but in their place there are roasted pecans. They are somewhat subtle but noticeable. The cigar has moved into the medium bodied range. The grapefruit and nutmeg notes are still there along with the coffee. The finish is unchanged. There is still no richness in the cigar.

There were no major changes to the end of the cigar. There are grapefruit notes, subtle nutmeg, and wood notes which replace the roasted pecans. The pepper never got below a 6 at any time. The coffee gave the cigar some base. This cigar has a very sneaky ligero. The cigar never got above medium bodied but I could really feel the ligero. Unfortunately the cigar did not achieve any richness which will hold down the score for me. The burn time for this cigar is 2 hours. I found the cigar very enjoyable and it has Perdomo-esque qualities to it. I do not know the price of these cigars so if you see them feel free to comment. If this cigar had richness it would be amazing. As it is it's a very good cigar but for me, not great.

Score: 89


@ReadyForCigars said...

Great review. I just tried the torpedo, agree in all respects with everything that was said, with the exception that I didn't pick up citrus/grapefruit or vanilla in my stick. Predominant white pepper and nutmeg overtones throughout my stick. I also definitely agree that the cigar portended something that never fully materialized but, all in all, not a bad smoke.

Tim Rollins said...

Some people tell me that they pick up the citrus notes that I describe and some don't. Everyone is different. Definitely had Perdomo qualities but did not have the overall richness that I would have liked.