March 29, 2015

E. P. Carrillo La Historia El Senador (5 3/8 x 52)

Video review HERE.

La Historia received high praise last year in several year end reviews. Since I did not have a chance to review it last year I am reviewing it today.

Wrapper:  Mexican San Andres
Binder:     Ecuador Sumatra
Filler:       Nicaragua

Available in these sizes:
El Senador 5 3/8 X 52 (REVIEWED TODAY)
Doña Elena 6 1/8 X 50
E-III 6 7/8 X 54

The E. P. Carrillo La Historia cigar is a dark, chocolate color and well made. Here is a shot of the foot.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. The initial flavors were black pepper rated at a 9, espresso, and dark chocolate. 

About one inch in the flavors are about like they started but now you have some nutmeg. The black pepper has toned down a bit to an 8 or 8 1/2. The finish is sweet cream with some dark chocolate notes. There is also some lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium to full bodied and I expect it to move up.

At the midpoint nothing has changed in the flavors but the cigar is now full bodied.

Even here at the end of the cigar the flavors are still unchanged. The minor sweetness you have is from the nutmeg and somewhat from the dark chocolate. Other than that it's all about black pepper and espresso. This is a very different cigar from the other E. P. Carrillo cigars I've had. As you've heard me say before, if you like dark noted cigars this is the cigar for you. For me, it lacked any significant sweet notes to balance out all those dark notes. Therefore, while this is a good cigar and has a definite place in any rotation I would not have this cigar every day. For me, it's an after dinner type cigar. Apparently my opinion differs greatly from last year's Cigar Aficionado's. 

Make up your own mind. Give these cigars a try for yourself. You can purchase La Historia cigars HERE.

Score: 90

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Steve Ulrich said...

Tim, I agree with you..I don't really get this cigar's ratings from CI. I'm a big EPC fan( BTW the 2015 Short Run is great)but am puzzled here..I am going out on the Carnival Glory 5/23 with rocky Patel in attendance..Looking forward to it..Steve Ulrich