May 13, 2018

Crowned Heads Four Kicks Mule Kick Limited Edition 2018 (5 7/8 x 52)

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Crowned Heads announced it is releasing the third installment of its Four Kicks Mule Kick LE 2012.  This year, the Mule Kick gets a twist, as it will feature a different wrapper.

The Four Kicks Mule Kick Limited Edition 2018 utilizes a dark Connecticut Habano wrapper – something that was released on the Four Kicks Maduro. The remainder of the Mule Kick Limited Edition 2018 blend are the same components found in the previous two installments of the Mule Kick.

“Anytime you attempt to improve upon something that’s already well-regarded can be a slippery slope,” commented Crowned Heads co-founder, Jon Huber in a press release. “We could’ve easily re-released the OR Mule Kick blend again; however, we wanted to take it to another level. When we added the Connecticut (Habano) wrapper to the blend, we collectively agreed that it just truly added another dimension of structure, flavor, and intensity that surpassed the OR.”

The 2018 Mule Kick will once again be produced at Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr’s Tabacalera La Alianza factory. It will be packaged in 10-count boxes with a total of 3,000 boxes produced. 

Blend Profile
Wrapper: Connecticut Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic (Tabacalera La Alianza SA)

Vitolas Available

The cigar is quite dark and very well made. It has a nice feel in the hand; good dense feeling cigar.

The test draw after cutting the bare minimum from the cap was very good. The initial flavors were cedar, cinnamon, a few dollops of whipping cream, and a very earthy black coffee. There was black pepper which I rated at a 7 1/2. It comes across as medium to full bodied right out of the gate. 

At the first third (28 minutes) the cigar is burning very evenly and the ash is still intact. The flavors have settled down into a nice cedar, brown sugar, cinnamon, buttery honey, a flash of chocolate, and black coffee. Lots of flavor notes. The pepper is still very good and it's lingering nicely on the finish, which is one of cream and honey. The cigar is medium to full bodied at this point. I rated the first third a 92.

The second third (56 minutes) had the cedar tasting quite tangy. Perhaps it's the influence of the Nicaraguan tobacco making the cigar have some citrus type notes. You still have a lot of brown sugar and cinnamon notes. The buttery honey is still there along with a touch of chocolate. The black coffee makes a nice base. The pepper remains very good. The cigar is full bodied now. The finish is unchanged in flavor but the lingering black pepper is up. The cigar is tasting very good. I am raising the second third score to a 93.

The Mule Kick LE 2018 ended at 1 hour 24 minutes. A nice burn time for a 5 7/8" cigar. In the final third the chocolate and coffee notes became elevated. You still had the tangy cedar, brown sugar, cinnamon, and buttery honey but the chocolate and coffee notes equalled those, if not slightly surpassing them. It did not hurt the cigar but it made the overall feel quite dark. The cigar is very full bodied. I can feel the ligero now. The flavors are very full flavored and the strength is very full bodied. The finish is unchanged. I enjoyed this cigar. The Carrillo's did a good job making this cigar for Crowned Heads. I rated the final third also a 93. You can purchase these cigars HERE.

Overall Score: 93

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