December 17, 2020

D’Crossier Cigars releases Golden Blend Reserva

The legendary D’Crossier Golden Blend Series has been the Landmark for Pure Aroma Cigars LLC. Since 2009, honouring a family ancestry set of principals to create an ultra-premium aged cigar brands.

This new D’Crossier Golden Blend Reserva is handcrafted in San Jose, Costa Rica, in keeping with the time – honored traditions of the world’s finest cigars, these cigars are made of high quality tobacco and are hand-rolled by dedicated and experience staff of cigars rollers.

The D’Crossier Golden Blend Reserva showcase three eloquent sizes, all in which are wrapped into an aged Habano Claro harvested in the country of Ecuador, firmly rolled with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, these cigars offers a medium flavor of aged premium tobacco, sweet at the core, these fillers has been aged for seven years.

This new D’Crossier Brand has been dedicated to Isaias Santana Crossier, 1945 – 2020, he was my father, my friend & mentor and in life inspiration that represent the D’Crossier Family values and traditions. Honored to be in this journey, Isaias Santana Diaz.

Brand Details: the D’Crossier Golden Blend Reserva showcase three sizes on 25 count Spanish cedar boxes an, 54 x 5.5” an 52 x 6” and a 56 x 6.5” at a price point ranging from $20.00 to $24.00 depending on the tobacco and local state tax in where the cigars are sold.

Every cigar has been revise and weighted individually to ensure proper draw and quality of construction, the cigars are firm and packed, triple capped and made with the entubar method, all cigars are cellophaned and barcoded, the breathable cellophane has been punched on the head of the cigar to ensure proper aging and respiration, 25 count boxes are been handcrafted in Miami, Florida, USA, with the best Spanish cedar of the world’s finest.

The boxes are numbered ranging as 0001/2000, when this batch of 2000 boxes are sold another batch will be ready to go, this is not a limited edition, every box will also be censored with a serial number imprinted on a golden hologram sticker that will be place in the bottom of the each box.

Notes: This aromatic wrapper, a Habano Claro has been harvest in Ecuador, triple fermented in a 10 moths period, and one year of aging in Spanish cedar boxes that holds up to 100 pounds per box.

1-Shipping starts Dec 28th

2- Sizes & MSRP, ( Cañonazo 52 x 6”) $ 20.00 ( Taino 54 x 5.5”) $ 22.00 ( Magnum 56 x 6.5”) $24.00

3- Factory, Tabacos de Costa Rica

4-Blenders Isaias Santanas Diaz & Andres Leon.

5- Box quantities to be released in 2020, 250 boxes of 25 count

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