JC Newman

June 10, 2023

Aganorsa Leaf Rare Leaf Maduro Toro (6 x 54)

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(Description provided by Aganorsa Leaf)

Aganorsa is proud to announce an exclusive blend for our Aganorsa Select Program: Rare Leaf Reserve Maduro. Like the original Rare Leaf release, the maduro edition utilizes select lots on our best farms that produce exemplary leaf unique in both flavor and aroma. The result in this case is the boldest expression of Aganorsa’s signature flavor to date. To achieve this level of power and multilayered complexity, a San Andres Maduro wrapper envelops a double binder and fillers consisting entirely of Aganorsa grown tobaccos from Jalapa and Estelí.

“When we launched Rare Leaf in 2021, the idea was to provide our retail partners who make the commitment to our Aganorsa Select Program with a special blend they would have exclusivity on.” states Terence Reilly, who serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Due to the success of the original release and our Aganorsa Select retail partners’ enthusiasm for it, we are adding Rare Leaf Maduro, a truly powerful expression of Aganorsa tobacco and one I haven’t experienced before. This blend will make you sit up and pay attention while smoking or, as we say at Aganorsa, validating.”

Rare Leaf Reserve will ship to participating Aganorsa Select Partners in May. Sizes will consist of a Robusto (5.25 x 52), Toro (6 x 54) REVIEWED TODAY, and a box pressed Belicoso (6 x52). All three vitolas are packaged in boxes of 15 cigars. Suggested retail prices will range from $13.50 to $14.50.

The cigar is very dark and well made. It has a nice feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap had some firmness but I went with it hoping it would open up. The initial flavors at light up were citrus peel, toffee, and dark chocolate. There was a lot of black pepper rated at 8+. The black pepper permeates every flavor. It's intermixed throughout the notes. Nice start.

At the first third (36 minutes) the dark chocolate is coming out a little more. There is nice sweetness from the toffee and a little sweetness from the citrus peel that has a light citrus note. There is some earthiness in the cigar. The cigar is very close to full bodied. The finish is dark chocolate with a sprinkling of toffee with very good lingering black pepper. Nice, powerful, dark noted cigar. I rated the first third 94.

Moving through the second third (1 hour 15 minutes) there is some black coffee at the base to go along with the dark chocolate. The other notes are still in play. The cigar is full bodied. The finish is primarily dark chocolate and very good lingering black pepper. The cigar continues to be very good. I held 94 for the second third.

The cigar lasted 1 hour 35 minutes. The main notes at this point were toffee and dark chocolate. There was only light citrus peel. The cigar is full bodied. The finish is unchanged. I held 94 for the final third. This is a good dark noted, full bodied cigar.

Overall Score: 94

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