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November 18, 2023

PapaSaka by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust (5 5/8 x 48 Corona)

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(Description taken from Halfwheel.com website)

In 2021, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust was one of a number of companies that produced limited-edition cigars for the 50th anniversary of retailer JR Cigar. Dunbarton’s cigar was called the Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Limited Edition “EM” Maduro, wearing a black and pewter version of the Mi Querida band, and it quickly became known that the cigar would be a preview of a new line called Mi Querida Black.

That Mi Querida Black would debut at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show and then began shipping to stores in early September. It was released in the same 7 1/4 x 54 vitola as the JR Cigar release, but now called the Mi Querida Black SakaKhan.

The blend features a U.S.-grown Connecticut broadleaf No.1 dark wrapper, while the binder is a Mexican San Andrés Negro leaf, and the fillers come from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. It is billed as being a robust and rich blend by the company.

For its second size, Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s founder, created a 5 5/8 x 48 corona that he dubbed the PapaSaka, which began shipping to stores following the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show where it was part of several new releases from the company.

It’s also a limited production release, with Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust saying that there will only be 3,500 boxes of 10 cigars produced for 2023.

The Mi Querida Black line is produced by Nicaragua American Cigars S.A., often referred to as NACSA, which is led by Raul Disla.

The cigar is quite dark and well made. It has a nice feel in the hand for a corona.

The test draw after cutting the cap was good. The initial flavors at light up were a sweet peach, a touch of citrus peel, brown sugar, a little earthiness, and black coffee. There was black pepper rated at 8+. Very good start.

At the first third (28 minutes) I had the same notes of a thick, sweet peach, citrus peel, brown sugar, light earthiness, and a lot of black coffee. The cigar is medium to full bodied, very close to full bodied. The finish is black coffee with very good lingering black pepper. This is a tasty cigar. Very dark and plenty of sweetness. And nice amount of strength. I rated the first third 95.

As I moved through the second third (57 minutes) not much has changed other than the strength is now full bodied. The finish has slightly changed because I got hints of peach with the black coffee. And, the lingering black pepper is very good. No reason to change the score; 95.

The cigar lasted 1 hour 21 minutes. Again, nothing changed. I had the same flavor notes, same strength, and same finish. No reason to change the score either. I held 95 for the final third. This is a very good dark noted, sweet cigar with power and plenty of black pepper. It checks a lot of boxes. This is a smaller version of the SakaKhan that was released last year. I found this smaller ring cigar to be light years better. The PapaSaka is very good and a must try.

Overall Score: 95

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