April 03, 2011

E. P. Carrillo Elenco Series Don Rubino

E. P. Carrillo Elenco Series Don Rubino (5 1/4x50)

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With the amazing score that the Elites got last week I was very eager to see how this cigar to see if this cigar would measure up to the high standards set by the Elites. To say I was impressed by the Elites is an understatement. I absolutely loved that cigar. It will be a huge hit for the Carrillos.

Just as a reminder, these cigar utilize an aged Brazilian Habano wrapper and aged tobacco blend from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

This is a dense feeling cigar. Definitely not under filled. Nice construction.

The cigar had a slightly firm draw. It began with notes of cinnamon and leather with nice pepper. The finish was long with vanilla notes.

Almost immediately the cigar developed a burn issue. It had a "run" up one side indicative of bad bunching allowing the cigar to burn quickly and unevenly. As far as the flavor, there were some light grapefruit citrus notes detected. The cigar started improving. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and light citrus are noted.

The burn issues continued but the flavors have started to really come around. The richness that I had with the Elenco Series have arrived. I'm at the midpoint now, or thereabouts, and the rich flavors are quite noticeable.

Just past the midpoint the burn issue seems to be gone. The richness has really come around at this point. Even light roasted almonds are noted. The big three; the cinnamon followed by vanilla and finally the grapefruit citrus have united to give a rich flavor.

In the final third the sweet grapefruit citrus has really improved. The finish is fantastic; a long rich vanilla.

This cigar is very good but it had burn issues. If I smoked 10 other Don Rubino's I would probably not have a problem with the burn so this is no doubt an isolated case. Nevertheless, that must be calculated into the final score.

From the midpoint on the cigar was very good. The burn issues evened out and the richness really popped.

Score: 90

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