April 22, 2011

E. P, Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brillantes

The E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Divinos that I reviewed awhile back really surprised me. Most Connecticut cigars are very mild and lacking significant flavor for the most part. However, the Divinos really break the stereotypical profile of Connecticut cigars so I am excited to review the robusto version.

E. P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut Brillantes (5x50)

Video review.

The cigar is well made. These cigars have a retail price of $5.25 each. The test draw was effortless. Right away there was a sweet vanilla spice with nice pepper.

After an inch the cigar developed a rich, sweet vanilla spice with a touch of sweet raw almonds. The pepper was nice; not overwhelming but very good. The cigar is mild to medium.

This cigar is all about rich vanilla. The almonds add a nice touch but the vanilla is king. I'd say the cigar is 70% vanilla to 30% almond. The finish is 60/40 Vanilla to almond. The pepper tends to linger somewhat on the finish.

The cigar did not have many changes. It was quite consistent.

When I reviewed the toro size of this cigar I mentioned a lot about sweet grapefruit notes. This cigar did not have those. The cigar was all about rich vanilla, almost like vanilla custard or vanilla pudding; it's THAT rich!

The cigar was very satisfying. The Carrillo's can be proud of this cigar. It is equally as good as the toro version I reviewed previously.

Score: 92

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