March 31, 2012

Oliva Inferno Robusto (5x50)

Inferno cigars are one of the newest additions to Oliva's stable of fine Nicaraguan cigars. Layers of dark, savory Ligero tobaccos cultivated in Nicaragua's most fertile growing areas prime the pump of this full-bodied blend swaddled in a naturally dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.

This robusto is a house brand cigar made for Famous Smoke Shop and I know what you're thinking, this will be a decent so-so cigar. Well, it's made by Oliva so that's a plus. I have an open mind so let's see what happens. In the interest of full disclosure I have already had 2 of these cigars over the past 2 weeks. I like to have a cigar more than once, when possible, to get an idea of what the cigar is like before I do an actual review.

Video review HERE.

The cigar looks great and I really like the band. The cigar is dense and feels so. It's weighty in the hand. I like that. Hopefully the draw will not be hindered. The wrapper is very oily. It looks great!

After cutting the cap the test draw was great! Immediately upon lighting the cigar and taking the first draw you get a blast of pepper. Along with that pepper you get a sweet tangerine citrus with cedar notes and black coffee. The wrapper is quite thick and the cigar started off burning very evenly. The cigar feels full bodied even at this early point. These cigars are described as having layers of ligero and I believe it. This cigar reminds me a little of the Oliva V.

After a few minutes the flavors remained the same and the pepper remains great! This is black pepper and it's supplied in bunches! The cigar is definitely full bodied and it's very tasty!

The finish on this cigar is a bit surprising. It actually starts off, immediately after expelling the smoke, with notes of almond. But, after several seconds the finish changes to a creamy vanilla. I really liked that. At this point I'm about an inch into the cigar. The initial flavor notes are still just as I previously described them.

About 1 3/4 inches in the cigar took a turn for the better. Now the tangerine notes are quite rich! I love richness in a cigar! The cedar notes, coffee, are unchanged but the richness in the tangerine notes is fantastic! The black pepper notes have decreased slightly but that's not a deal breaker. They went from very intense to very good; not a bad thing.

As a side note, Famous Smoke Shop has supplied a box of these same cigars for the upcoming South Carolina Sit Down, so someone will win a great raffle prize!

At the band the cigar has no changes. But, that is surely not a bad thing as it is very good. The burn is very even. You can really feel the ligero in this cigar. It's quite full bodied.

At the end of the cigar I sum up this cigar with one word; good! Even though this is a house brand cigar do not be shy about trying them. These are great cigars. Oliva has made a fantastic cigar for Famous Smoke Shop. The rich tangerine citrus with cedar notes, black coffee, and very nice black pepper make this a great cigar! The finish is very good. I really enjoyed this cigar. I firmly believe anyone who loves full bodied cigars would love this cigar also.

Score: 92

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