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October 02, 2016

PerfecDraw Cigar Accessory

Video review HERE.

The PerfecDraw is a cigar tool designed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, a dentist and cigar lover, who was tired of having cigars with a tight, or poor, draw. Sometimes a cigar has a tight draw that you cannot draw through and sometimes it has just a firm draw that needs improving. This tool is designed to eliminate that problem.

When you look at the tool it looks like something that a dentist would invent. It looks very much like a dental instrument. The tip is very pointy and sharp with the first inch or so having barbs. 

Rod noticed that in many instances the draw problems are found near the cap where the cigar is the most compressed. Using the tool you penetrate the cigar about one inch, twisting as you go, and when you retract the tool the barbs pull out a small amount of tobacco which should improve the draw. After you test the draw you can go a little deeper, if necessary Each time you pull out the device it will pull out a little more tobacco until you have  perfect draw!

His website has several instructional videos which are very helpful. I suggest you go there and watch them to get a full explanation of how to use the device.

I used the PerfecDraw on several cigars, including a torpedo which is seen in the video review. It worked just as described. I found this to be an excellent addition to my cigar tools and I would call it a "must have" addition for anyone.

Rod stands behind his invention with a one year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

The device sells for $39.95 with free shipping in the U.S.A.

Go to his website, for all the details on how you can get your own PerfecDraw.

Image from PerfecDraw website

Score: BUY

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Anonymous said...

Best Draw Tool available, can not go wrong buying this. Simply because it works, as advertised. Under $25.00 what I call a Best Buy.