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March 11, 2023

Todos Las Días Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte” (6 x 46 Lonsdale)

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(Description taken from Halfwheel.com website)

Four years ago, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust showed off the Todos Las Días Thick Lonsdale “Mas Fuerte,” a 6 x 46 lonsdale that uses a modified version of the company’s Todos Las Días line. Next year, it will return, though retailers will need to place orders by the end of this July.

As the story goes, Steve Saka, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s founder, gave the Joya de Nicaragua factory the wrong blend instructions and they rolled it in a lonsdale size. Some mistakes are better than others and as it turns out, Saka enjoyed the blend. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust released 2,000 cigars in 2018 but the entire Todos Las Días line was suspended in 2020 due to “tobacco limitations.” Saka now says that there’s now enough tobacco to roll more of the Thick Lonsdales, which is being done for a planned release in January.

“When originally blending the Todos Las Dias liga there were two finished core blends comprised of the same tobaccos, but with different proportions,” said Saka in a press release in 2018. “Ultimately, I selected the one I felt worked best in the original formats to be released and relegated the other to my blending diary. When it came time to add the Thick Lonsdale to the line, I inadvertently gave them the recipe for the stronger iteration. In their defense, the factory asked me to verify the blend twice, but I managed to still muck it up and authorized them to produce 200 boxes as instructed. I didn’t actually realize my mistake until I was smoking the post production cigars for quality control purposes. Right away I knew something was askew.”

The blend uses only Nicaraguan tobaccos including a Cuban-seed wrapper and fillers from Estelí and Jalapa.

The cigar is dark and nicely made. It has an average feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was good with a touch of firmness. The initial flavors at light up were light citrus, citrus peel, peach, light brown sugar, and earthy leather. There was black pepper rated at 7 1/2 to 8. Nice start.

At the first third (24 minutes) I had the same flavor notes except there are now light toffee notes. The cigar is medium to full bodied. The finish is leather with very good lingering black pepper. The cigar is very nice. It has nice flavor notes. I rated the first third 94.

Moving through the second third (46 minutes) there were no changes. The cigar seems to be consistent. I had the same flavor notes, the same finish, and the same strength. I held the score of 94.

The cigar lasted 1 hour 4 minutes. The cigar is indeed consistent. The only thing that changed was it reached full bodied, but it won't knock you down. It's a low grade full bodied in strength. The notes were citrus, citrus peel, light peach, brown sugar, light toffee, earthiness, and leather. The finish is leather with very good lingering black pepper. What you start with is what you'll have throughout. I held the score of 94. Look for these at smallbatchcigar.com and use code Tinytim for 10% off and free shipping.

Overall Score: 94

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