July 21, 2015

Famous Smoke Shop Announces the Release of their Newest Exclusive Cigar Immortal

Easton, PA -- Famous Smoke Shop is a leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars. The company specializes in offering the web’s widest selection of cigars at the lowest prices. Famous has just released a new cigar line in collaboration with the esteemed Plasencia cigar company. Plasencia was formed under the watchful eye of Nestor Plasencia who is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on tobacco and blending cigars.

The new release is the highly anticipated Immortal Cigar, and they will be exclusively available at Famous Smoke Shop. The first shipment is on the way to the company’s warehouse and is currently available for pre-sale on their website. The company has expressed that the new brand will be available in limited quantities, but is not a one-time release and will be a consistent offering for the foreseeable future. The Immortal Cigar is the first release under the new brand’s umbrella, with a new blend designed to provide sophisticated and complex flavors to satisfy every cigar smoker’s taste buds. This blend will be made in small batches and production on the brand will be limited.

Immortal cigars utilize a heavy hitting blend consisting of a complex mixture of all Nicaraguan tobaccos, from its mix of longfiller tobaccos, binder, and habano wrapper. But perhaps the real story lays in its utilization of all Ligero tobaccos in its core. The result of this blend is a full strength cigar with complex flavors, with a rich and slightly spicy flavor to round out a customer’s smoke. Already hailed as a home run under the Immortal name, it seems as if this cigar will soon take the industry by storm.

“Wow, is this ever a flavor bomb,” exclaimed Famous Smoke Shop editor and cigar reviewer Tommy Zarzecki. “I mean, I’ve smoked strong cigars in the past, but this one is close to taking the cake. The utilization of all ligero tobaccos is something that is rarely done in this industry because it’s typically so heavy. But the blender was able to find tobaccos from all over Nicaragua, more specifically the three main regions of Esteli, and the Condega and Jalapa Valleys, and combined them in a way where you get a strong cigar while allowing a true tobacco flavor shine through. It’s complex, it’s flavorful, and it’s strong. In my book, that’s the perfect recipe for a cigar that offers pure relaxation after a full meal or at the end of the day to help unwind.” Immortal cigars are available in four sizes – a 7 x 50 Churchill, a 6 x 60 Magnum, a 6 x 52 Toro, and a 5 x 54 Robusto. With Famous’ full box discount pricing, customers can enjoy this new offering with individual retail prices which range from $2.60 to $3.12 per cigar. People interested in learning more about Immortal cigars or Famous Smoke Shop should visit Famous-Smoke.com or call 800-564-2486.

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July 18, 2015

A. J. Fernandez New World Connecticut Toro (6 x 52)

Video review HERE.

The unique blend of the New World Connecticut was created after the overwhelmingly positive response from the public and critics alike, when New World was unveiled at the 2014 IPCPR.

A.J. Fernandez said: “The New World cigar was a very special project as it was the first cigar that was created with the help of my father Ismael Fernandez since he joined me at A.J. Fernandez Cigars. I am more than thrilled that the public reception has been so positive, that it has once again allowed us, as father and son to create the New World Connecticut.”

Unlike the original New World, the Connecticut is not box pressed.

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade U.S.A.

Binder: San Andres Mexico

Filler: Nicaragua, Brazil

New World Connecticut will be available in a beautifully adorned 20 count box and in four sizes:


ROBUSTO 5 x 50


BELICOSO: 6 x 54

The cigar is nice looking with no  major veins. It has a nice feel in the hand. Here is a shot of the foot:

This is the second cigar I had for this review. A few days ago I smoked one and without knowing it I must have smoked it too quickly. The flavors quickly went into an almost vegetable-like flavor. I decided I would smoke the review cigar much slower in hopes the flavors would come out. Plus, I incorporated my "eat and apple" trick to cleanse my palate.

The test draw after cutting the cap was perfect. The initial flavors were a high pitched tangerine flavor with some boysenberry notes, dry wood, and roasted almonds. There were a lot of lighter flavors to begin with.

About 1 1/2 inch in there are now some cream notes and a light black coffee at the base. The sweetness of the tangerine has increased. The cigar is mild to medium bodied. The finish is one of citrus and toasted cream. The pepper is a black pepper rated at a 7 1/2.

Just past the midpoint there are some dry cocoa notes mixed in with the citrus. There are still some roasted almonds and light cream. The boysenberry notes are gone. The cigar is medium bodied at this point.

The cigar ended an elevation of the roasted almonds. The tangerine flavor seemed to morph over to an almost cedar flavor. The light dry cocoa and coffee remained. The cigar moved up in strength, which surprised me. It reached medium to full bodied. The finish was unchanged. I was surprised at only 1 hour out of a toro sized cigar. This cigar cannot be compared to the original New World as this is a completely different animal. This was an enjoyable cigar. Perhaps a little lighter than I'm use to but good nonetheless.

Score: 90

July 15, 2015

Drew Estate Debuts New Nica Rustica “Belly” & Short Robusto Vitola

Miami, FL – Drew Estate announced today that they would be introducing their new Nica Rustica “Belly” and Nica Rustica Short Robusto sizes in stores nationwide starting in August 2015. The new cigars will be displayed in Drew Estate’s booth (Booth #15407) at the 2015 IPCPR Tradeshow in New Orleans, LA.

The new sizes include the 7 ½ x 54 belicoso-shaped “Belly” (MSRP $7.95) as well as the 4 ½ x 50 Short Robusto (MSRP $5.95). The new sizes will be available in 25-ct black craft paper bundles similar to the current Nica Rustica “El Brujito” offering. They will ship in the same fashion as the current Nica Rustica lines, in bundles as a refill to the dress boxes and new display trays, which will only be available for retail use.

In addition to the new sizes, Drew Estate will be offering a new 75-count Display Tray, which will hold one bundle of each size of the Nica Rustica line. This display tray will be available exclusively to stores that carry all three vitolas of Nica Rustica.

Jonathan Drew, from Managua, Nicaragua stated, "Nica Rustica is a tribute to Estelí's hard working cigar culture. Behind all the glitz and glam, there are thousands of factory Buncheros and Rolleros who keep their game strong and consistent to maintain Estelí, Nicaragua's respected stature of ‘Mecca of Cigars’.”

The Nica Rustica blend features a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Mexican San Andres binder and Nicaraguan fillers from the Jalapa and Estelí growing regions. The strength is medium-full and flavor notes include creamy cocoa and earth with light pepper notes on the finish. Fans of Liga Privada, Undercrown, and MUWAT are sure to enjoy this blend.

To learn more about the new Nica Rustica products and all of Drew Estate’s IPCPR releases, visit http://drewestate.com/ipcpr.

About Drew Estate  Founded in New York City in 1996, Drew Estate has become one of the fastest growing tobacco companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”TM, Drew Estate has led the “Boutique Cigar” movement by innovating new elements to the tobacco industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that have attracted new and traditional cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, the Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces a variety of brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Herrera Estelí Norteño, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, MUWAT, Natural by Drew Estate, Nica Rustica, Nirvana, Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars, Tabak Especial, Undercrown, and Java by Drew Estate.

Cubariqueño Cigar Company Set to Showcase “Protocol” at IPCPR

Cubariqueño Cigar Company will be attending the 2015 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Trade Show (IPCPR) this weekend in New Orleans, LA. The company, which launched its first cigar (Protocol) to market on May 16 of this year, has announced their presence at the 2015 IPCPR, booth 15824.

Cubariqueño Cigar Company will showcase the Protocol to a nationwide audience, continuing to offer the debut release in its two original sizes, Toro (6x52) and Corona Gordo (5 5/8 x 46). The cigar is wrapped in an Ecuadorian Oscuro leaf with a Nicaraguan Habano binder and a unique filler blend consisting of quadruple Nicaraguan Ligero from Estelí and Jalapa. 
Since its release, the Protocol has been met by solid reviews and impressive ratings from various bloggers and reviewers.   

"With the success of Protocol it's a natural progression to be at the show," says Cubariqueño Cigar Company co-owner Bill Ives. Ives goes further to say, "We figured we would have these (Protocols) to smoke for the rest of our lives but not the case. The entire first production run of 5,000 cigars sold in about two months with no advertisements, just us on social media. Our next production has been made and is aging at La Zona as we speak for show orders. I am so excited at the response. I am looking forward to taking this cigar to the show and getting it in more hands and shops. The journey isn't always roses, but all the time and energy being involved with cigars in one way or another I hope will pay off. Mylife revolves around cigars."  

Ives and business partner Juan Cancel would like to thank Bill Agathis, owner of Berkeley Humidor and Adelphia Cigar Company.
“Without the help from Bill Agathis this project would have never happened. He has been a mentor to us and we thank him for making our dream become a reality,” said Ives. 
Cubariqueño will be exhibiting the Protocol as part of La Zona’s massive exhibit space at IPCPR with Erik Espinosa and his entire La Zona team. 

Cancel, the other co-owner said, "We are very excited. Being with Erik Espinosa at the show is a blessing. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Erik and cannot imagine or want to do this with any other cigar manufacturer. Erik has been instrumental in making this dream a reality and allowing us to turn this love and passion for cigars into something real and tangible to share with other fellow cigar smokers. I am excited to see what the future holds for Cubariqueño Cigar Company. I am sure about one thing, with La Zona as our home it will be a bright future!"  
The company plans to remain a small batch cigar company with its second production run limited to 6,000 cigars, 1,000 more than the original batch. However, there are plans to increase production as demand rises. Ives and Cancel plan to take on a maximum of 20 accounts at IPCPR.  

"We are still a baby in this industry and that is the most that the two of us can handle now," said Ives and Cancel.

The folks at Cubariqueño Cigar Company have extended an open invitation for all IPCPR attendees to stop by the La Zona exhibit area to meet these two cigar nuts and learn more about Protocol. Ives and Cancel hope many will join them on this journey.  


July 14, 2015 (Miami, FL) – Arandoza Cigars is proud to announce their latest release,
Defcon which will debut at the 2015 IPCPR in New Orleans, LA. Wrapped with a dark Connecticut broadleaf wrapper, Defcon will feature bold Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. This full-bodied full-flavored cigar will be the first time Arandoza Cigars has introduced a broadleaf cigar into their arsenal.

The Arandoza Defcon comes in three vitolas.
Toro (6 x 50)
Super Toro (6-1/2 x 54)
Super Robusto (5-1/2 x 60)

The Arandoza Defcon is produced at Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. They will be offered in boxes of 10 and prices range is $ 9.80 - $11.00 per cigar.

July 14, 2015


(Miami, Florida) July 14, 2015 – La Aurora is looking to up the ante at this year’s IPCPR with the Untamed Extreme. The original Untamed which debuted in 2014 received high marks from critics, and ultimately received the honor of a Five Star Rating, and Cigar of the Year for 2014 by The Dominican Cigar Review.

La Aurora, known for producing perfectly balanced cigars successfully created the aggressive full-bodied Untamed while delicately keeping their signature balance, between flavor and strength. La Aurora’s Master Blender, Manuel Inoa, is now looking to push palates even further, with the Untamed Extreme.

Guillermo León, president of La Aurora stated: "Our team created an incredible cigar. With Untamed, we went beyond our traditional products. Now with Untamed Extreme, we look forward to solidifying our position as a company, which can offer products to please those looking, for a more extreme smoking experience.”

Untamed Extreme by La Aurora Robusto will be available to consumers in three sizes : Robusto, Toro and a 7 x 60 Behemoth. The MSRP will range from $7.00 - $11.00.

About La Aurora

Founded in 1903 by the Leon Family, La Aurora is the original cigar factory in the Dominican Republic with a portfolio that includes its namesake brands, La Aurora and Leon Jimenes, as well as, La Aurora Preferidos, Guillermo Leon & Fernando Leon brands.

Follow La Aurora on Social Media: Facebook: La Aurora Cigars, Instagram: @LaAuroraCigars

About Miami Cigar & Co. Founded in 1989 by Nestor and Mariana Miranda, Miami Cigar & Co. has become one of the premier distributors of premium cigars boasting a portfolio which includes Tatiana, Don Lino and the Nestor Miranda brands. Miami Cigar &Co. also serves as the exclusive United States distributor for La Aurora, S.A, Viva Republica and Hf Barcelona brands.

Follow Miami Cigar & Company on Social Media here: Facebook: Miami Cigar & Company, Instagram: MiamiCigar, Hash tag: OneLife

July 13, 2015


(Miami, Florida) July 13, 2015— Miami Cigar & Company, one of the originators of the flavored premium cigar is ready to introduce Coffee Break by Tatiana.

Miami Cigar & Co. founder, Nestor Miranda created the Tatiana Flavored cigar in 1996. After receiving such positive feedback from testing this innovative aromatic cigar with family and friends, he named the cigar after his daughter, Tatiana, and created one of the most popular cigar brands in the industry. Now the company is ready to add a little coffee bean into the mix.

The Coffee Break by Tatiana is a 100% handmade premium cigar, made in the Dominican Republic. The Coffee Break will come in three different flavor variations:


Blended to perfection, with notes of espresso and nuances of grappa, Sambuca and brandy, this cigar is the ultimate indulgence for the worldly ones.


Blended to bring out the velvety rich flavors of a smooth latte, with a delectable hit of espresso, this cigar has an intense buttery caramel finish.


This flavor is just like your morning cup of Joe. A bold roast perfectly blended, with equal parts of Cuban espresso and milk. It has an enticing coffee aroma, with nuances of robust warm milk and light vanilla notes.

The three different offerings of Coffee Break by Tatiana will be expressed in three vitolas housed in 25count boxes: 4x40 (Cuarenta) 4.5x50 (Cincuenta) 4x60 (Sesenta)

Jason Wood, Vice President of Miami Cigar & Co. stated: “This is always a very exciting time of year for us. There is nothing like the IPCPR, the Super Bowl of the cigar industry. We are all very eager to introduce Coffee Break by Tatiana to all of our loyal customers. Without them there wouldn’t be us and I appreciate them all for that and can’t wait to see them all in New Orleans!”

About Miami Cigar & Co. Founded in 1989 by Nestor and Mariana Miranda, Miami Cigar & Co. has become one of the premier distributors of premium cigars boasting a portfolio which includes Tatiana, Don Lino and the Nestor Miranda brands. Miami Cigar &Co. also serves as the exclusive United States distributor for La Aurora, S.A, Viva Republica and Hf Barcelona brands.


(Miami, Florida) July 13, 2015— A.J. Fernandez Cigars, known for producing consistently highly rated and sought after cigars, is proud to unveil “Enclave” at the 2015 IPCPR in New Orleans. Following in the footsteps of the very popular New World cigar, the Enclave blend was a special collaboration between A.J. and his father Ismael Fernandez.

The spirit of the Enclave cigar lies within the special brotherhood, created by those who enjoy a great cigar. In the dictionary, Enclave is defined as: a portion of territory within or surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct. Cigar smokers from every ethnic background, race, or creed, bond together daily to escape the everyday, while sharing a handcrafted premium cigar. A.J. Fernandez Cigars celebrates this brotherhood with the Enclave.

A.J. Fernandez said: “There is no doubt that there is a special bond shared among those passionate about cigars. I experience it daily as I have the luxury of sharing my labor of love with my father, Ismael. We invite you to join our “Enclave” with this special cigar that we have patiently crafted to perfection.”

The Enclave blend is an elegantly displayed cigar, adorned with a cigar ring which depicts images of Native Indians, a representation of the original tobacco enclave. As with every A.J. Fernandez cigar brand, Enclave is a carefully hand-crafted cigar, which was blended under strict supervision of A.J. Fernandez in their Estelí, Nicaragua based factory.

The Enclave is a medium to full bodied cigar. The rich Habano Rosado wrapper from Ecuador compliments a decadent Cameroon Binder. AJF Select Nicaraguan and AJF Nicaraguan Piloto Cubano Fillers greet the cigar aficionado, with notes of pepper, spice, cedar, and cinnamon. At an MSRP of six dollars, A.J. Fernandez is looking for Enclave to be a first class cigar that can be a daily source of enjoyment.

The Enclave come in a beautifully adorned 20 count box and come in four sizes.

Robusto 5 x 52

Toro 6 x 52

Churchill 7 x 52

Figurado 6 1/2 x 52

For more information on the Enclave and all other AJ Fernandez material please visit the newly design website at www.Ajfernandezcigars.com

ABOUT A.J. FERNANDEZ CIGARS: A.J. Fernandez Cigars is based on the rich tradition of the Fernandez cigar legacy. A.J. Fernandez now produces unparalleled, hand-rolled cigars in Estelí, Nicaragua which have garnered numerous top ratings and acclaim from cigar publications and consumers alike. Today A.J. Fernandez continues the family tradition as he along with his father Ismael oversee production and manage day to day operations in his factory in Estelí.

July 12, 2015

Las Calaveras EL 2015 LC50 (5 x 50)

Video review HERE.

Crowned Heads has released this year's version of Las Calaveras. Last year I reviewed the first edition of this cigar. Las Calaveras pays tribute to those who have died in the previous year. It is a limited edition cigar with each vitola limited to 1,250 boxes of 24. The cigars are rolled at My Father Cigars S.A. in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Rosado
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Available sizes:
5 x 50 robusto LC50 ($9.95) REVIEWED TODAY
6 x 52 toro LC52 ($10.95)
5 5/8 x 46 corona gorda LC46 ($8.95)

The cigar is well made and a dark brown in color. It has a nice dense feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was almost effortless. The initial flavors were light graham cracker, earth, black coffee, and black pepper rated at an 8.

*Note: Add 3 minutes to all the times shown. Someone forgot to start the clock!!!!

A little over an inch in the sweetness is elevated. The graham cracker notes also have sweet whipped cream and light boysenberry notes. There is a hint of butter and I am hoping it develops. There is a little dry wood. The finish is a sweet cream with a small amount of lingering black pepper. The cigar is medium bodied at this point. The sweetness is very nice and very much elevated at this point.

At the midpoint (30 minutes) there are still the light graham cracker notes, whipping cream, brown sugar, coffee notes and dry wood. The boysenberry notes are gone. The finish also has some brown sugar to go along with the sweet cream. The lingering black pepper is elevated on the finish. The cigar is medium to full bodied and I do not expect it to go any higher.

At the end the cigar continued with the graham cracker, brown sugar, touch of cream, dry wood, and black coffee. The cigar ended at medium to full bodied. The butter stayed on the fringe and barely detectable. I wish the cigar had more butter. In my opinion last year's version was a touch better but I very much enjoyed the flavors of this cigar. Smoke this cigar very slowly to get the maximum flavor.

Score: 92

July 11, 2015

Camacho American Barrel Aged Toro (6 x 50)

Video review HERE.

The American Barrel-Aged features a blend of mostly American tobacco. In addition. the blend incorporates a six year old Corojo leaf aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

Camacho goes back to its roots, taking a six year old Original Corojo leaf and aging that leaf in Kentucky bourbon barrels. and ages that one leaf. According to Dylan Austin, Director of Marketing of Davidoff, “Barrel aging is a very tedious and hands-on process. We are aging around 2,000 lbs of Corojo filler tobacco and rotating the barrels one leaf at a time every few weeks. Each batch takes a full five months to complete and requires constant attention to ensure the proper journey for this special tobacco.” The remainder of the filler contains American grown tobacco. American Broadleaf is also used for the wrapper and binder.

The American Barrel-Aged is also the first in a new series by Camacho called the “Master Built Series.”

The cigar is nice looking and has a fairly dense feel in the hand.

The test draw after cutting the cap was very good. This review is done blind. By that I mean I have not tried this cigar before. The initial flavors were sweet boysenberry, brown sugar, and black coffee. The pepper was rated at a 7 1/2. The cigar is very dark noted.

About one inch in the boysenberry notes are secondary to what I will describe as a marshmallow cream flavor. The sweetness is very thick and nice. The brown sugar is still there, as well as the black coffee. The cigar is a solid medium bodied with quick movement toward medium to full bodied. The finish is thick and long and has a lot of the marshmallow cream with some lingering black pepper. It has some hints of butter notes.

Close to the midpoint there are dashes of cinnamon to go along with the marshmallow cream. The boysenberry notes are very faint. The pepper has intensified especially on the finish. The cigar is still medium to full bodied.

With about 1 1/2 inches remaining the light cinnamon notes are affecting the marshmallow cream flavor by toning them down. The brown sugar is aiding the sweetness. The black coffee is still the base. The buttery notes never showed up on the front end. The boysenberry notes are pretty much gone now. The cigar is a notch above medium to full bodied. The black pepper has intensified on the front end also.

At the end the marshmallow cream was very much toned down. It lost some of it's sweetness. But, the cinnamon and coffee notes moved up. The black pepper continued to improve. The cigar is very close to full bodied. The finish remained very good with a touch of butter on the marshmallow cream. The lingering black pepper remained very good. 
I wish the cigar had the buttery notes on the front end. That would have been very nice. The cigar has been very good, however, and these are available for around $12 at your local shop.

Score: 92

July 09, 2015


(Miami, Florida) July 8, 2015— Duran Cigars will be unveiling the Limited Edition Roberto P Duran Salomon rolled by Master Roller Crisanto “Santo” Cardenas at the 2015 IPCPR in New Orleans.

The 7¼ x 57 Salomon comes in individual, hand signed and numbered, cedar coffins housed in 5 count boxes. All 3000 cigars have been personally rolled by Santo at our Nicatabaco factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. This limited edition cigar features the same Ecuadorian Habano Criollo wrapper of the Roberto P Duran Signature line with the blend slightly altered to Santo’s liking.

Roberto Pelayo Duran, owner of Duran cigars said this about the new project: " Anyone that follows the history of the Cuban Cigar industry is well aware that Santo Cardenas is one of the very top Cuban Cigar rollers of all times. When it comes to the Salomon vitola, he is perhaps second to none. Santo has been rolling the most amazing cigars in Cuba for 55 years and he has been showcased in over 30 countries! For us that are close to him, it is only natural to see that he has chosen the Salomon to be the first vitola to carry his signature. That says it all! We look forward to introducing this masterpiece to the public at the IPCPR in New Orleans this July, booth 16028.”

Duran Cigars will also introduce line extensions to the majority of the existing brands in their portfolio. The Azan White will now be available in (Toro de Luxe) 6 ½ X52, The Azan Maduro (Supremo) 5X58, Azan Burgundy (Toro) 5 7/8 X 52, and the Neya F8 will be available in (Gringo) 5 X58, (Loyalist) 6 ½ X54, (Patriot) 5 X 52, and the Big Jack 7X70.

About Santo Cardenas: Santo Cardenas’ resume encompasses over 55 years of experience, beginning in 1960 with H.Upmann at the Montecristo Factory in Havana, Cuba. Santo quickly gained notoriety for his blending skills, and became head of production for “Rey Del Mundo” Cigar Factory, and later head of production for the Partagas Factory. Santo became well-known globally, as he visited over 30 countries for promotion and demonstrations, as a representative for Cuban made cigars. Santo is considered by contemporaries as one of the most important cigar rollers and blenders in Cuba. Santo is currently the Master Blender for Duran Cigars.

About Roberto Pelayo Duran: began his life’s work in his homeland of Havana, Cuba where tobacco grabbed a hold of him, and never let go. Supervising the production of cigar manufacturing in Cuba was only the beginning as he later went on to assemble and manage distribution of all Cuban cigar brands for Asia at The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd. The creation of Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars has given Roberto the platform to introduce a brand of cigars that offer the same quality, construction, and detail which he demanded from those he supervised while in Cuba. Roberto P. Duran’s brands include Azan, Roberto P Duran Signature, Neya, and Baracoa.

June 29, 2015

Ezra Zion Releases New Cigar "All My EX's"

Ezra Zion Cigar Company announces the release of it’s newest cigar All My EX’s!

“We are constantly trying to challenge ourselves in our blending. The next cigar has to be better than the last.” said co-owner Kyle Hoover. “All My EX’s is a blend that we’ve been working on for over a year to perfect.”

All My EX’s is produced in Tabacalera Aromas de Jalapa factory, owned by close friend Noel Rojas. 

“When I tried the Ezra Zion All My EX’s blend I told Chris and Kyle, ‘This is the best cigar I’ve ever made in this factory’.” noted Rojas.

All My EX’s is a medium-strength, full bodied cigar. Flavors include creamed coffee, earth, leather, nuanced with baking spices, cashews, and bitter-sweet chocolate.

It is the company’s first release featuring an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. Fillers are Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo. 

All My EX’s is presented in raw wood cabinet style boxes of 25 cigars. It features the new Ezra Zion 2015 “Republic of Texas” logo on both the box and the band. Total production is 800 boxes. 

All My EX’s comes in 3 sizes: 5x50 Robusto, 6x52 Toro, and a 7x42 Lancero. MSRP is $8.95 for Toro and Lancero and $8.50 for Robusto. 

“This is ‘next level’ Ezra Zion. We are having fun making great cigars. I think it comes out in this blend. So many people are trying to figure out how to innovate in this industry. We finally realized that the greatest innovation we can do is to remember why we got into this business in the first place. It’s because we love cigars! They are there with us at the best moments of our lives.” added co-owner Chris Kelly.

All My EX’s will be immediately available for purchase from House of Emilio sales personnel. 

For more information, please contact sales@ezrazion.com.

June 27, 2015

1502 Nicaragua Churchill (7 x 48)

Video review HERE.

This is the newest edition from 1502; the 1502 Nicaragua churchill. It uses the same tobaccos that were used in the original 1502 robusto. Up until now the 1502 Nicaragua only came in the robusto size but they decided to expand the line to include a churchill size. It is a box pressed cigar, just like the robusto. It is also made in the A. J. Fernandez factory. 

The 1502 Nicaragua contains tobaccos from the four main growing regions of Nicaragua: Esteli, Jalapa, Condega, and Ometepe. This cigar fits right in between the 1502 Emerald and 1502 Ruby - as a "medium plus" cigar.

I reviewed the robusto size last year and it made my Top 10 for the year. For fun you might want to look back at that review and compare it to this review.

The cigar uses a "cigar lock" at the foot. It is partially closed as you can see.

The test draw after cutting the cap was perfect with just a touch of firmness. The initial flavors were sweet pink grapefruit, nutmeg, cream, and roasted nuts. The finish was sweet cream with roasted nuts. The pepper was a light black pepper rated at a 7.

About one inch in the main flavors are consistent but at the base there are light black coffee notes. The cigar is medium bodied. The finish is unchanged and very nice.

Close to the midpoint the nutmeg is prominent and has a touch of butter. The pink grapefruit, roasted nuts, coffee and cream are consistent. The cigar is still medium bodied. The finish is unchanged.

At the end the sweetness elevated along with the strength. It is now medium to full bodied. The other notes remained about the same. This cigar is pretty much a longer version of the robusto I reviewed last year, which is not a bad thing. I enjoyed this cigar very much. If you're a fan of the robusto version you will be a fan of these. Look for them at shops that carry the 1502 brand.

Score: 93

June 25, 2015


(Miami, Florida) June 25, 2015—Roberto Duran Premium Cigars, doing business as Duran Cigars, one of the fastest growing boutique cigar companies, will unveil a line extension for the Neya F-8 Ligero Typhoon during this year's IPCPR in July. The new size will be 7 x 70 and aptly named "Big Jack" after Jack Torano, the company's representative.

Robert Pelayo Duran, owner of Duran Cigars, said this of the decision, "As we all know, Jack Torano has a larger than life personality, so I figured that it was a natural fit to name the Neya F8 7 x 70 after him. He (Jack) had been pushing for the bigger size because there is a growing segment of cigar consumers that enjoy not only a full-flavored cigar, but a larger sized cigar as well. We look forward to presenting the "Big Jack" and feel that this new vitola will really impress those looking for the ultimate in size and strength."

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have a cigar name inspired by me, but what better cigar than the Neya F8 7 x 70. The Neya F8 has been a smash hit for us. There are many consumers that are looking for a full size-strength cigar and this one delivers. It's well balanced with complex flavors and it packs a punch! I'm very excited about it and I really look forward to introducing the "Big Jack" at the IPCPR." said Jack Torano.

The Neya Premium Cigar Brand was introduced during the 2014 IPCPR and it comes in a cedar 20 count cabinet. Both the filler and binder is Nicaraguan, while the wrapper is a Habana Ecuador. The Neya F-8 Ligero Typhoon, which is a full bodied version of the Neya Classic, is currently available in six sizes. The "Big Jack" will carry the same blend as the Typhoon but will pack an extra punch for those looking for that bigger size and strength.

In other news: Duran Cigars is proud to unveil a newly designed website. Please visit www.robertodurancigars.com for up to date news on events, and store availability.

Roberto Pelayo Duran began his life’s work in his homeland of Havana, Cuba where tobacco grabbed a hold of him, and never let go. Supervising the production of cigar manufacturing in Cuba was only the beginning as he later went on to assemble and manage distribution of all Cuban cigar brands for Asia at The Pacific Cigar Company Ltd. The creation of Duran Cigars has given Roberto the platform to introduce cigar brands that offer the same quality, construction, and detail which he expected from those he supervised while in Cuba. Duran Cigars brands include Azan, Roberto P. Duran Signature, Neya, and Baracoa.