October 19, 2005

SC Sit Down No. 3; part 2

More pics from the big weekend!

Rebel John and Phyllis joined us shortly after we got home.
After a quick "nap", we got up and started all over again early on Saturday morning. Pope Crisco arrived around 10:30. Here is BDO and Pope Crisco having a morning smoke:

Around 11:40 we packed up and headed to the Wild Hare. Bildo792 and Wolfman were already waiting for us:
We got started right away! Here's Wacco and Cheeze:

Cheeze and Tel:

Mark Lewis (r) and friend:Fireant, from the Red Neck Bastids!

Chris, Nate and Nutboy!

Nate, Chris, and Ernie

The legendary Pope Crisco:


My daughter, Chelsea, with Wacco:

Wacco helping the waitresses with their cigars!

Angie giving cigars a try!

Cute Nicole!:

Charity looks like she knows what she's doing!

Yep, I'd say so!

Charlie, Connie, and Bill:

My gang; Chelsea, yours truely, and Connie:

The whole Sit Down gang; well...most of 'em anyway!:

Yes, that IS smoke in front of the camera lens. Sorta appropriate, don't you think?

People came and went all day, but a few of us remained until 10 pm! Long day, but a good day. We had a great time.!

More in part 3!

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