October 19, 2005

SC Sit Down No. 3; part 3

Well, all good things must come to an end, right? Bright and early Sunday morning, we had to take Wacco to the airport for his flight back to Boston! Before we did, we managed this pic to remember their stay at Casa de Tiny:

Since Rob (BDO) had never been to South Carolina, we decided he should see Charleston! So, after dropping off Wacco at the airport, we headed to Charleston for the day. The weather was fantastic! We, of course, hit the cigar shops. Here we are standing outside Las Palmas Cigar Shop, where they handroll Dominican cigars right in the shop!!!

We also met up with Terry (Tel), who lives in Mt. Pleasant. We met up at the Smoking Lamp:

This was a fine way to end a great weekend! Bigdaddyopus flew off to Detroit the following day and everything sorta got back to normal! Everyone is already talking about the next Sit Down, sheduled for sometime in May, 2006!

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