January 02, 2007

New Year's Day at Charlie's house: 2007

I was lucky enough to be invited back to Charlie Ruffalo's house for another New Year's Day pig pickin'! It was a great time last year and I looked forward to doing it again this year! Charlie and Jan were great hosts! At the height of the afternoon, approximately 80 people were in attendance, and half of them were smoking cigars! It was a great time!
Here's a few pics:
Some of the prep work! Charlie, Jan, and Charlie's uncle who is 85 and sharp as a tack!
He really liked the scotch! I think it keeps him young!
Of course, Charlie opened his well stocked mooch-i-dores!
One of the "events" of the afternoon was starting the fire in the fire pit. To do this you simply need some wood and a freshly used Christmas tree!
This whole process took "maybe" 2 minutes!

Charlie's posse did another great job on the pig:

After a long day of entertaining, I finally managed to stop

Charlie and Jan long enough for a group pic:
A tired Charlie enjoys a well deserved drink:
Thanks Charlie for another great start to the New Year!!!!

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