December 26, 2007

Christmas review!

I hope everyone had a great and Merry Christmas this year! I did! My wife surprised me again! Just when I knew there was no possible way she'd ever get me anything cigar related she pops up and surprises me with another floor humidor! Yes! It's true! It's not as big as the one I received for my birthday but it's still very nice and they match perfectly! Here's a few pics of the new one:

It holds 300 cigars. I may have to combine some of my smaller humidors into this one; not quite sure yet. It's very nice and the key is SHE likes it!
Now, on to the reviews. I had plenty of time to review cigars as I was off 4 days straight. Here's the list of the reviewed cigars:
  • Gurkha Boer
  • Pontillo Paragon Churchill
  • Pontillo Maduro Toro
  • Montecristo No. 2 (Cuban)
  • Montecristo No. 4 (Cuban)
I had other cigars but these are the ones I'm reviewing for now.

Gurkha Boer (6.5x54)

These cigars tend to have a fragile wrapper, or at least the one's I've had do. This particular cigar only had a short slit in it that ran the direction of the length of the cigar. It did not split any further so it really didn't affect the taste or burn. The cigar has a nice amount of spice with some splashes of pepper. It was quite fruity on the pallet with caramel undertones. I would say this cigar is medium bodied. It was very enjoyable.

Score: 7.5

Pontillo Paragon Double Corona (7.5x52)

Since all Pontillo bands are the same on the front, the way you can tell it's a Paragon is by the black on the back side of the band:

This is a very beautiful cigar. It is constructed very well with a superb draw. Mr. Pontillo draw tests all his cigars to ensure a perfect draw! The spice was immediately evident upon lighting. There was a generous amount of pepper noticed, too. Although this would be considered a full bodied cigar it is quite smooth; not bitter. The cigar did not change very much; it stayed quite consistent. This is a full bodied gem!
Score: 9.0

Pontillo Maduro Toro (5.75x54)

Again, the way to tell this is a maduro is by the back of the band; it's red:

As with the Paragon, the maduro is a beautifully constructed cigar. This is a true full bodied maduro cigar, quite sweet and peppery. Although I'm a huge Paragon fan, this may indeed be my favorite Pontillo cigar! It is so tasty!!!!! If you are a maduro fan you have to try these! I think you will be very pleased! The cigar had a great burn; very even. There's just something about a sweet maduro with pepper overtones! I love 'em. This is a great cigar folks!

Score: 9.0

Montecristo No. 2 (6x52)

This is a piramide vitola and one of the most popular Cuban cigars. It is full bodied by Cuban standards with a creamy caramel undertone. It is peppery on the pallet and quite spicey! The cigar is slow burning. I've found Cuban cigars burn best when kept at a lower humidity; around 65%. Take your time with this cigar and you'll get a nice even burn. The cigar has a nice, consistent flavor throughout.

I nubbed this one!!!!

Not much left when I finished with it!

Score: 9.5

Montecristo No. 4 (5x42)

This cigar has the same great taste profile as the Monte 2 but with a little more spice. This cigar is not as peppery as the Monte 2. This is a great short smoke, taking around an hour to smoke. The aftertaste is quite rich! The ash is a dark gray and black. The largest amount of pepper kicked in at the 1/2 way point and built from there. Nice cigar.

Score: 9.0

Now, let's get ready for New Year's Eve!!!

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