January 14, 2008

Weekend review; January 12th and 13th, 2008

I think I may be re-reviewing some of this weeks cigars, but what the heck. Every cigar needs a second try anyway.

This week I'm reviewing:
  • Gurkha X-Fuerte

  • Rocky Patel Edge Natural toro

  • Oliva Serie G Natural torpedo

  • Rocky Patel Sun Grown torpedo

  • Oliva O maduro churchill

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Gurkha X-Fuerte (7x54)

This cigar starts off with overwealming leather overtones. It had a good draw. It developed a butterscotch flavor at the 1/3 point. It had very little spice or pepper at this point. It is medium bodied with tendancies of heading toward full bodied further through the cigar. I expect more from a cigar with Fuerte in it's name. The cigar band is beautiful, but you can't smoke the band! The cigar developed some spice at the 1/2 way point. The cigar was enjoyable from the mid-point on. It had lots of smoke.
Score: 80

Rocky Patel Edge natural toro (6x50)

Wow! This cigar is caramalized pepper! That's my initial impression! Very good draw. Tons of smoke. Very even burn. Great flavor; full bodied. The ash was tight with no flakes. At the mid-point the cigar had the same great flavor. Loved this cigar. Nubbed it! And, it's quite affordable at around $5-$6 each.

Score: 90

Finished the night with an Oliva Serie G natural torpedo (6.5x52)

I think that I've had this cigar reviewed previously too, so I'll buzz through it:

Great Cameroon cigar, very smooth and cramy. Love this cigar and it's maduro counterpart.

Score: 88

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

Started the day with a Pontillo maduro churchill. I've previously reviewed Pontillo maduro's; love 'em!

Rocky Patel Sun Grown torpedo (6.1x52)

This cigar has a leathery-caramel flavor. Pepper was noted on the first few draws. Great draw. Tons of smoke. Rocky Patel makes a lot of good cigars but this is one of my favorites! Great cigar; consistent!

Score: 90

Oliva O maduro churchill (7x50)

This is an absolutely beautiful cigar. The construction is perfect. The draw was perfect. It has a deep, rich maduro flavor. The burn was perfect. It has plenty of spice and the perfect amount of pepper. (yes, I realize I'm using a lot of "perfects" here) The ash was so tight you had to break it off! This is a supurb cigar!

Score: 92

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