April 22, 2008

Weekend review; April 19th and 20th, 2008

Very nice weekend with temp's in the 70's! Had some good cigars this weekend and some that were not as good as I'd hoped. They are:
  • Armando Ramos Lucky 8
  • Vegas de Santiago Don Luis churchill
  • Oliva G maduro Perfecto
  • Puros Indios Special-Aged Piramide maduro
  • Don Pepin Garcia Blue churchill
Saturday, April 19th, 2008
Armando Ramos Lucky 8 toro (6x60)

This cigar has been sitting for over a year in my humidor. It was left from the 2007 SC Sit Down. Paul sent some of these for us to try. This is a very fat cigar with a very good draw. Very spicy with tones ranging from leather to caramel. The burn was a little off but the flavor stayed consistent. A very nice, spicy cigar. The spice takes over and the caramel is pretty much gone but this was a very enjoyable cigar.
Score: 90

Vegas de Santiago Don Luis churchill (7x48)

I've rated this cigar before but that was from a pre-production batch. I wanted to see how they were in full production. Well, in a word; Great! The cigar has a blast of spice and caramel with a hint of nuts. Great flavor!!!! This is an excellent cigar that is quite affordable at about $3. These are made in Costa Rica. Anyone can enjoy this fantastic cigar! You can get them at their website: https://www.vegassantiago.com/shop/
Score: 93

Oliva G maduro Perfecto (5 1/2x54)

Sweet maduro and spice! One of my favorite combinations! Very square pressed, shaped cigar. This cigar has a sweeter maduro than the Oliva O series, in my opinion. Very consistent. Hints of pepper noted. Very, very enjoyable cigar.
Score: 94

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
Puros Indios Special-Aged Piramide Maduro (6.7x64)

Maybe I expected too much from this cigar. When I looked at it, it looked fantastic! the shape, the color; I thought it would be fantastic! However, it only had hints of spice and maduro flavor. Very faint one's, at that! The flavor never really breaks through! I waited for it, but it never showed up. I must say, I'm disappointed with this cigar.

Score: 82

Don Pepin Garcia Blue churchill (7x50)

There is such a unique flavor with DPG cigars! It is hard to describe. There are notes of leather, caramel, pepper, earth, and spice. All his cigars have this "unique" flavor in various combinations. I happen to love his cigars! The finish is long and satisfying. Fantastic flavor! Medium to full bodied.
Score: 95

Finished the night off with a previously reviewed Pontillo maduro churchill! Nice!
See you next week!

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