July 21, 2008

Weekend review; July 19th and 20th, 2008

Hot weekend! Summer is definitely here! I'm reviewing 3 cigars this weekend:
  • Avalon Juke Series Black Churchill

  • Pontillo Paragon Serie Colorado Maduro Robusto

  • 601 Blue Torpedo

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Avalon Juke Series Black Churchill (7x52)

I received this cigar in a box pass from Nick on Social Cigar. I've had it in my humidor for several months and decided to try it today! Well, it's spicy with leather undertones. Pepper noted. Very easy draw. Finish is long with slight bitterness. Spice still strong at mid-point. More caramel undertones after mid-point and less leather. Medium bodied.

Score: 88

Pontillo Paragon Serie Colorado Maduro Robusto (5.5x54)

This is a new blend by Pontillo. He moved his operations from Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic and this is the first cigar I've had from that new production. This maduro is not nearly as dark as his original maduro. This is a reddish brown. The initial flavor has roasted almonds and spice. Swet aftertaste with a long finish. Very nice. Good draw and very even burn. The original Paragon was a powerhouse. This cigar has hints of ligero but does not appear to be as powerful as the original. I am not sure if his blends are completely different now. Apparently they are at least somewhat different. Very good cigar. Great aftertaste. Medium to full bodied.

Score: 92

601 Blue Torpedo (6 1/8 x 52)

Square pressed cigar. Very dark. My impression of this cigar is summed up with this. Take the flavor of the 601 red and put a maduro wrapper on it and you'll have the basic taste of this cigar. Now, I'm sure may people will say it's much more than that, but the flavors suggest that it's some combination of the red and maduro wrappers. The sweetness of the maduro really comes through along with a ton of spice. Finish is fairly long with a sweet aftertaste. Pretty much full bodied. Burn got way off at 1/3 point (canoed) but I touched it up and it was fine after that. Pepper really noticed from that point on. Really nice cigar!

Score: 93

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