September 16, 2008

Caribbean cruise 2008, part 2

Day 4 of the cruise (Tuesday) found us in beautiful Roatan, Honduras. I really didn't know what to expect from Roatan but it wound up being a very nice place. We visited Fins and Flippers resort and I found a brand new La Casa del Habano on the island!

Roatan was a very pretty place from a distance, with small mountains and hills everywhere.

A rather poor island, however.

Glory docked at Roatan pier.

Local policeman with us.
As we walked down the street I noticed a very familiar sign...
Much to my surprise there was a La Casa Del Habano in Roatan!!!! Wow! This is great!!!!
Here we are with the manager, Dave.
In the lounge

We left the cigar shop (but returned later) and went to Fins and Flippers. A very nice resort type beach. I was more than a little surprised at how nice it was! Here is the island as it appeared from the dock in town. It's only a few minutes away.

After checking in, we walked up to the restaurant for a little lunch. The restaurant is next to the pool which was very nice as you will see.


View from rear (no pun)

Now on to the beach, which was beautiful!!!!

After several hours at the beach we went up to the pool before leaving the island and heading back to the LCDH. Here is the view from the pool looking toward the ocean. Beautiful!

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