April 20, 2009

South Carolina Sit Down no. 10 Cigar Event

Event date: April 18, 2009 @ the Wild Hare Sports Bar in Irmo, SC

We set a new record for attendance this year with 140 total attendees! That's 14 more than last year and with today's economic conditions that's great! I met many new attendees but I'm sure they'll be back. We had 2 sets of reps; Oliva and Perdomo.

First, Oliva was represented by Nate Saab who is the former rep for our area but still attends because he is a friend of mine and loves the event. The new rep for this area was with him; Mike Walters. Nate brought 4 huge Oliva ashtrays and a box of Oliva V figurado's for the raffle. They also had a sample cigar to hand out.

We also had Nick Perdomo drop by. He was in town for an event at Lite Um Up Cigars. He and Tom Burns, owner of Lite Um Up brought some bags for evernone in attendance. Jeff Godfrey, the Perdomo rep for this area was also in attendance.

L-R; me, Joe Perdomo, Jim Massengale:

Also, I did not try to get a group this year simple because there is no way I could get 140 in one picture! Instead I offer the following pics taken throughout the day showing a lot of the attendance:

We even had an tent set up outside for overflow:

Matt Elrod; bouncer/photographer/whatever:

Actually, this was Matt's first "BIG" spring event. I think he had a good time. He also helped me alot by taking these pics! (well, except for the one of him) ; )

And of course there was the raffle. It was on par with previous years and maybe even better. We had a lot of cigars to raffle off this year. I didn't hear anyone complain about that. We also had 3 big Lotus lighters; 2 from CAO and one from Cigars International which was a Perdomo lighter. While Mr. Perdomo was here I had him sign it!

The sign-in/raffle ticket table:

Now for a look at the raffle prizes:

The amount of raffle items grew as the day wore on, but that's a good thing! Here's a pic taken just before the raffle began:

Nice looking table!

This year, unlike last year, I had a PA system. That made things MUCH easier calling out winner's names.

We had 2 of these monsters and they had plenty of fire power! Everyone could hear me this year! Of course, I still can't read half the names because of handwriting!

Before I start showing the winners I need to tell you the companies who donated to this year's event:

Cigars at the door:

Vegas de Santiago

Don Luis

Cigars International

5 Vegas sampler
CI’s Kitchen Sink sampler

Lil Brown Smoke Shack

Casa Torano Casa Toro

SAG Imports


Cubano Viso Fuerte

Fonseca Cubano Limitado Toros

Arganese Cigars

Double wrap maduro robusto

Nicaraguan robusto

CL3 robusto


SLR Rothschild


LX2 toro
Gold Corona Gorda
Café’ Crème cigars

Eddie Ortega

601 Habano toro (red)
601 Maduro (blue)
Cubao no. 4

Reyes Family Cigars

Premier Corona

Lianos Dos Palmas

Don Mingo Torfecto
Don Mingo Torpedo

Alec Bradley

Maxx, The Ego

Armando Ramos

AR Green Band corojo

Cusano Cigars (Brought by Tom Burns)
Oliva Cigars (Brought by Nate Saab)
Perdomo Cigars (Brought by Joe Perdomo and Tom Burns)

Raffle Prizes:

Vegas de Santiago


Top Shelf Cigar

Samplers (5)

Heartfelt Industries

Dale Earnhardt lighters (4)

Humidification tubes (8)

Josh Ledbetter

Bolivar corona extra

The Cigar Box

Cohiba box with lighter

General Cigar

Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Pamplona

Holt’s Cigars

La Aroma de Cuba Churchill

Modern Age Tobacco

Cohiba 3 cigar case and cigars

Eric Webster

Oliva “White label” lonsdales


“O” ashtrays, black (3)


Ashton car ashtray, black

Maduro Room

Cohiba 3 cigar case and cigars
Pepin ashtray
Montecristo pen set


H. Upmann Reserve Maduro robusto

Jordan Price (Tobacco Merchant)

High end samplers (3)

Palmetto State Herfers Club

High end samplers (2)


Ashton Magnum

CAO (David Palm, rep)

Torano sampler
Torano Exodus 1959 Seleccion Exclusiva
“O” ashtrays, green (2)

Eric Webster

Oliva Connecticut Reserve robusto

Cigars International

Perdomo Thundra table lighter

Arganese Cigars

Double Wrap maduro Robusto

Nicaraguan Robusto

CL3 Robusto

The Party Source (Kentucky)

Camacho Limited Harvest torpedo


10th Anniversary Torpedo


Oliva large square ashtrays (4)

Serive V figurado

Lite Um Up Cigars

Pontillo Maduro Paragon

CAO sampler w/ DVD

Macanudo samplers (2)


Lotus T3 lighters (2)

Island Smoke Shop



“O” ashtray (green)


Savoy Rosewood humidor

The Smoking Lamp

Illusione 7

Russell the Cigarman!

Ashton ESG 21 year salute

CAO (David Palm, rep)

Cigar gambling kit

Cigar Aficianado (Grand Prize)

2 tickets to Big Smoke New York

Now, on to the winners:

(Major prizes shown.)

(shown as "winner's name", "donating company", "cigar type")

Rick Reynolds, Vegas de Santiago sampler
Bill Slicer, The Cigar Box (local), Cohiba box with lighter

Jerry Carter, General Cigar, Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Pamplona

Doug Graul, Holt's Cigars, La Aroma de Cuba churchill

Andy Cabe, Modern Age Tobacco (local), Cohiba 3 cigar case and cigars

Eric Webster, Lite Um Up Cigars, Pontillo Paragon maduro

Jim Turner, Lite Um Up Cigars, CAO Sampler w/ DVD

Elaine Brady, Ashton, Ashton car ashtray

Joe Lumpkin, Maduro Room (local), Cohiba 3 cigar case and cigars

Lonnie Campbell, Altadis, H. Upmann Reserve maduro robusto
(accepting for Lonnie is Jim Massengale)

Marethe Weathers, Ashton, Ashton Magnum

Darryl Hunter, CAO (David Palm), Torano sampler

Janet Lawrence, CAO (David Palm), Torano Exodus 1959 Seleccion Exclusiva

Tim Rollins (me!), Cigars International, Perdomo Thundra table lighter

(signed by Nick Perdomo while he was here!!!!)

Roger Schweitzer, Arganese Cigars, Double Wrap maduro robusto

Chad Johnson, Arganese Cigars, Nicaraguan robusto

Yank Martin, Arganese Cigars, CL3 robusto

George Scott, The Party Source (Kentucky), Camacho Limited Harvest torpedo

Casey McBrair, Camacho, 10th Anniversary Torpedo

David Amick, CAO, Lotus T3 lighter

Theo Peeples, CAO, Lotus T3 lighter

Bill Carter, Island Smoke Shop, Humidor

Henry Richardson, Ashton, Savor Rosewood humidor

Robert Yon, The Smoking Lamp (Charleston, SC) Illusione 7

The Palmetto State Herfers Club provided a couple samplers too

Donna Amick won one of them!

David Brady, CAO (David Palm), Gambling kit

Ryan Richardson, Cigar Aficianado, 2 tickets to Big Smoke New York

All this fun had a purpose. We raffled off the prizes and gave the money to Sister Care, Inc., a shelter for battered women and their children. On Monday afternoon I went to the back to get the cashier's check.

Here I present the check to Belva Nagasaki of Sister Care, Inc. That's a check for $2032!

That's it for this one. I had a blast! I hope everyone else did too!

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