May 20, 2009

Private Altadis event!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
Last month was the South Carolina Sit Down no. 10. Altadis was asked to contribute but had a conflict with the Big Smoke at Foxwoods Casino, which was held on the same day. They asked if they could do something for us about a month later and they would supply the cigars. I said yes, of course. Last night we had the event. John Conroy, an Altadis Consultant, flew down from New York City to be with us. I thought that was very big! John was a great guy who loved cigars and talking about them. The event ran from 6pm until 9pm. I picked Tuesday to have the event because it's wing night at the Wild Hare!

Altadis supplied us with 2 great cigars; Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve and Montecristo White. We started off with the RyJ Habana. Everyone really enjoyed it. Most people had something to eat after the RyJ, then we took a quick group shot and headed back in for the Monte! In all we had around 30 people in attendance. These were all local guys. Since it was a weeknight I didn't want people driving too far for a 3 hour event.

From what John said we should be doing more of these in the future. Altadis likes the idea of small groups sampling their cigars. This way they are putting their product directly in the hands of the consumer rather than spending tons of money on magazine advertising. I like the idea too!

Below are some pics of the night:

John Conroy of Altadis with Greer, Manager of Tobacco Merchant

Me with John:

The "Babe" table; Connie, Mr. Bob (not really a babe), and Ginger:

Group shot:

Altadis puts out a newsletter each month or so and in it John likes to have a few pics from the events he attends. He also puts a "funny pic" in the newsletter. Our "funny pic" is below, which features John's and I going head to head with an arm pose while holding a box of Montecristo's:

Thanks to John for attending and to Altadis for contributing the night's cigars. Thanks to everyone who attended too. I'll let everyone know about the next event.

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