May 11, 2009

Weekend review; May 9th, 2009

Very nice weekend. Lots of sun. Not too hot either.

I reviewed 2 cigars this weekend, both on Saturday. They were:

  • Cusano '59 Rare Cameroon Toro
  • Fonseca Cuabano Viso Fuerte Robusto

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Cusano '59 Rare Cameroon Toro Gordo (6x54)

Very spicy with lots of peppery cinnamon. Sweet notes in the spice. The finish is long. The pepper is quite noticable on the back of the palate. Very nice cigar. Great Cameroon.

Score: 92

Fonseca Cubano Viso Fuerte Robusto (5x52)

Very nice looking cigar. Well made. Leathery spice with citrus notes. Finish is very long and sweet. Touch of pepper on the finish. The citrus notes take center stage after an inch of so. You can really feel the spice if you blow the smoke through your nose. To be honest, this cigar surprised me! I did not expect it to be this good. It's VERY good!

Score: 92

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See ya next week!

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