August 24, 2009

Weekend review; August 23rd, 2009

Nice weekend. I began a little project on Sunday; repainting the bird bath fountain! It's looking good so far!

This weekend I reviewed a new cigar. I saw some people discussing the Man O' War on another site and I had mentioned that I had not tried that cigar yet but planned on soon. Well, Lumbo, aka Tom Lemberis, insisted on sending me one to try so I said yes. He actually sent me 5 cigars; 2 Man O' Wars and 3 other cigars that were also new to me. So, I'll be reviewing these cigars in the coming weeks. This weekend it's the Man O' War double corona.

Man O' War Double Corona (7.5x52)

A reddish-brown cigar. This cigar is made by A. J. Fernandez in Estil, Nicaragua.

The very first puffs revealed intense cinnamon spice with a great deal of pepper. After an inch or so I noted citrus. The finish was long and had vanilla notes with hints of leather. The cinnamon spice and pepper are nicely balanced. The draw was slightly firm but very good. It's medium bodied and moves toward full bodied as you smoke it past the halfway point.

That's pretty much it! A lot of good things about this cigar. Thanks Lumbo, I enjoyed this cigar very much!

Score: 91

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