August 29, 2010

Weekend review; August 28 and 29, 2010

One week until we leave for Jamaica and our 7 night stay at Couples Resort Sans Souci! Really looking forward to it. 3 other couples are going with us.

The house modifications continue. Our back porch clock and thermometer were replaced this weekend. The clock stopped working and I could not find a replacement that matched the thermometer, so I searched for a larger clock that could take the place of both. I found one on summer closeout at Cabella's online. It is quite large! But, it looks nice.

In order to show exactly how large it is I asked Connie to model next to it:

Well, there are still some reviews to get to. This weekend the cigars supplied by Famous Smoke Shop that I reviewed are:

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rocky Patel American Market Selection cigars robusto (5 1/2x50)

A Connecticut shade cigar. My preconceived notion about this cigar is that it would be mild. I'm hoping it has sufficient spice and flavor.  The cigar feels very dense. It has a heaviness in the hand.

After cutting and giving a test draw I found it to be rather tight. The cigar started with light raw almond spice with some pepper. This is the perfect example of a beginner's mild cigar. If someone is wanting to try cigars for the first time they would want to try a mild cigar and work their way toward stronger cigars. They would do well to start with this cigar. It has nice flavors but won't overpower anyone.The cigar's draw improved at the midpoint. The finish was rather long with semi-sweet raw almond notes. An experienced cigar smoker might like this cigar early in the morning. At the midpoint the cigar had some light coffee notes. Still mild bodied, it gave the cigar a nice addition. For me, this cigar is too mild. Again, I feel this would be a good cigar for a beginner. It should be noted that other Rocky Patel cigars are not nearly this mild. In fact, this is the mildest cigar RP has ever made. Several others are medium to full bodied and some are very full bodied.

Score: 83

 La Floridita Limited Edition cigars Magnum (5x60)

 A very dark cigar. Dense feeling. Well made. Here is what the Famous Cigars website says about these cigars:

Nestor Plasencia created these robust cigars using Nicaraguan and Mexican longfillers with an Indonesian binder, then rolled them in a dark, oily Brazilian Mata Fina. The result is a bold, aromatic, earthy smoke laced with sweet 'n spicy complexities on the finish.

So, here we go...
I cut the minimum from the cap and gave the cigar a test draw. It was effortless! This is a fat, dense cigar and it had a perfect draw! After the cigar was lit the first flavors were intense, peppery, sweet cinnamon with notes of coffee and citrus with nice black pepper. There are sweet notes of oranges! Quite nice! I've never had this cigar but at this point I'm quite impressed. (1/2 inch into it) The finish is very long with raw almonds, vanilla and black pepper that lingers. To me, this is a very good thing which usually leads to the cigar getting high marks. About the only negative thing I noticed is the burn was a little off. Not a deal breaker. I smoke cigars for the flavor, not the perfect burn, although that would be nice. The burn did improve at the midpoint. Fairly full bodied. The cigar stayed pretty consistent without any significant changes. This was a very nice surprise of a cigar. I really enjoyed it and will smoke more in the future. To sum up: orange citrus, cinnamon spice with notes of vanilla and plenty of black pepper. Long finish of raw almonds and thick vanilla with lingering black pepper. Very nice!

Score: 92

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To complete the weekend's cigars I had the Don Tomas Special Edition cigars. These have a Connecticut wrapper.

 Don Tomas Special Edition Connecticut cigars (5x50)

The cigar had a very good draw. This Connecticut cigar started with a huge blast of citrus/cinnamon spice with nice pepper. The finish was long with semi-sweet roasted almonds. Notes of raw almonds noted in the spice. the citrus tang appears to take the lead in the flavor profile. Mild to medium bodied. Thankfully this cigar is not another tasteless, mild, Connecticut cigar. Don Tomas has a nice blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Mexican fillers that gives this cigar some flavor. The flavor profile does not change. Another good cigar for beginners but an experienced smoker would like this cigar for an early morning smoke.

Score: 86

All of these cigars are available at Famous Smoke Shop.

Next weekend we'll be in Jamaica! I'll try to post pics on a daily basis from the resort.

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