September 12, 2010

Couples Sans Souci Resort, Day 1, September 4, 2010

What a fantastic trip! Sans Souci is beautiful. From the moment you arrive the staff makes you feel welcomed. Most of this post will be pics of the resort and our adventures. I hope the pictures do the resort and the beautiful water justice.

CSS is an all-inclusive resort on the northern coast of Jamaica about 1 3/4 hours east of Montego Bay. You fly into Montego Bay when you arrive.

Because of the high amount of fake Cuban cigars available in Jamaica I decided to bring my own. I brought 15 Cubans and about 30 non-Cubans with me. My plan was to have 2 Cubans per day with the rest non-Cuban. I averaged 5 cigars per day during our stay.

I'll start with the room. Very spacious. Here is the view as you enter the front door.

The in-room bar.

Sitting area.

View of bedroom from sitting area.


Entrance to bathroom from bedroom. Notice the in-room safe in the closet on the lower left.



2 sliding doors as seen from bedroom. We used the one on the right quite a bit. We would exit this door to go to the beach. We routinely left this door unlocked and felt quite safe doing so. It made for a quick entrance and exit.

Connie on the back deck.

Once we got settled it was off to get something to eat. Here I am at the beach bar restaurant.

Connie at the beach bar restaurant

The whole gang was hungry!

Tom and Diane

Mark and Vicki

Beach bar

View of our complex; B-block. Our room was the second deck from the left (first archway you see clearly). Very convenient.

Palazzina Restaurant

The beach bar restaurant also served meals at night. Here are the tables on the lower level.

Connie spent a lot of time walking the beach.

The view from our back porch. The beach bar is the black roofed area to the left.

Connie on the back deck

Me on the back deck

Here is a video of the view from our back porch.
View from back deck

Later that evening we decided to have dinner at the Palazzina Restaurant, which was adjacent to our rooms. Here is Tom and Diane.

Mark and Vicki

Jim and Ginger

Me with Connie

Since we got up at 2:30 am to get ready to be at the airport it was a short evening. Plenty of fun awaits tomorrow!

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