February 21, 2011

Cusano M1 robusto review

Cusano M1 robusto (5x50)

This is another budget cigar from Cusano. They are available in bundles only. I had this cigar while riding around this morning and didn't expect much out of it. The cigar actually surprised me a little. The review I did on the Cuban Style CC was still fresh in my head. I did not care for that cigar too much and was afraid this cigar would be similar. Surprisingly it was much better.

The M1 is the Connecticut version. It started with some decent vanilla notes on the spice with subtle roasted almonds and decent pepper. The draw was good and the cigar burned very well. The finish was rather long with almond notes. Around the midpoint the cigar developed more richness in the vanilla and had hints of cinnamon. The roasted almonds were still present. The finish took on more of a vanilla flavor also. This cigar is mild and would make a decent quick morning smoke. This would actually be a good cigar for a beginner. I'm not a big Connecticut wrapper fan but to my surprise I actually enjoyed it.

Score: 82

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