February 26, 2011

El Primer Mundo Liga Miami churchill

El Primer Mundo Liga Miami churchill (7x52)

The Liga Miami is made at the El Titan De Bronze factory in Miami. This is a new cigar to me as I had not heard anything about it before. I picked it up locally at a price of around $9.50. Nice looking cigar with a reddish tint. It feels dense. It is triple capped.

I did a partial Ustream live review of the cigar. See that review here. There will be a short commercial before the video starts. That's standard with Ustream.

It started with a mix of cinnamon and raw almonds with a touch of pepper. The draw was quite firm. The finish was very nice; a sweet, thick vanilla. At this point the cigar is medium bodied.

After 1/3 the cigar still had a very good finish. The flavors on the palate now have a touch of sweet citrus but not a large amount.

It quickly changed. After 3/4 inch some nice, sweet citrus notes appeared. The vanilla is still very thick on the finish.

The second half had more richness on the flavor and spice. The pepper is also better. The finish is still rich.

To be honest, I expected more from this cigar. While there were some good points (the finish, mainly) the tight draw, burn issues, and lack of significant flavor and pop really pulled down the score.

Score: 85

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