February 12, 2011

Oliva G toro

So, the weekend is here and what a beautiful one it is. The temperatures are cool, in the mid to upper 50's, but it's very sunny.

Last night we stopped by to see Mr. Bob again. He has changed rooms again! This is the third room for him. He can get more therapy on this floor. We also met his daughter and her 2 daughters. From talking to his daughter I learned that the problems he's having with his arm and leg are due to the bruising on the back of his head from the fall. They hope that the movement will come back to his right side with time. He was in good spirits while we were there. His family was quite touched by all the people who asked about his condition. Keep up the prayers. We need him back home and roaming around Harbison Boulevard in his blue P.T. Cruiser!

After we left the hospital we went to the Tobacco Merchant for their Oliva event. Oliva makes solid cigars so I attend their events every chance I can. Mike Walters was on hand again representing the Oliva brand.

I tried again, in vein, to snap a pic of Bill Slicer, owner of the shop, with his eyes open but could not.

After we left and went home I received a phone call at 10:20 pm from Grier Mangum, manager of the shop. Since I purchased some cigars at the event my name went in the hat for some raffle prizes. Low and behold I won something; a nice cigar sampler from Oliva.

It seems appropriate that I should review an Oliva cigar today. So, I chose the Oliva G natural toro.

Oliva G natural toro (6x50)

If you put "Oliva G" in the blog search box you'll see from the results that I have reviewed several versions of the Oliva G's over the life of this blog, but never a toro version. So, here we go.

The cigar started sweet notes of vanilla, citrus and lots of black pepper. The citrus notes seem to be light semi-sweet grapefruit. The finish is long with vanilla notes. The spice is quite rich with vanilla notes.  A good Cameroon cigar should have this flavor and this one does. There are some black coffee notes mixes in the spice. The draw is good but I had some issues with the cap. Some of the cap came off after I cut it. Not a great thing to have happen but not the end of the world; it happens. Oliva still uses authentic African Cameroon wrapper. It is thin and that could explain the cap issues I had. At the midpoint there are no changes to report. Just past the midpoint I detected the lightest notes of cinnamon; faint but there. No way they'll overtake the rich vanilla! The cigar is medium bodied. These are also quite affordable at around $6 each. In the final third I detected some roasted almond notes. The star of this cigar is by far the rich vanilla. It's almost buttery rich. Very good flavor. A very good Cameroon cigar. The wrapper issues pulled the score down a bit.

Score: 88

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