March 05, 2011

La Aurora 107 toro review

La Aurora 107 toro (5.5x54)

Original review below with a follow-up 3 months after the original review.

The cigar gets it's name from La Aurora being in business for 107 years. The 107, which uses a Sun Grown Ecuador wrapper over 6 year old fillers and binder from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, comes in boxes of 21 cigars.
The 107 comes in 3 sizes:
Robusto (4.5x50)
Toro (5.5x54)
Belicoso (6.25 x 52)

This cigar was also video reviewed on YouTube.

Upon cutting the cap I gave the cigar a test draw. It was effortless. The cigar began with grapefruit citrus notes, some cinnamon and vanilla tones with an abundance of black pepper. The finish was long with rich vanilla notes. There are some raw almond notes but they are subtle. I really like the finish on this cigar. The black pepper really lingers on the palate.

Around the midpoint I detected notes of tea. The grapefruit notes have lessened somewhat and the raw almonds notes are more obvious. They are even noted on the finish at this point.

The final third saw the grapefruit notes come back to the front with the tea closely following along with the vanilla. The cigar seems to be medium bodied moving very close to full. The cigar is very good but I would have liked it to be a little richer in it's flavor.

Score: 90

NOTE: I had another of these cigars today, June 2, 2011, which was purchased at the same time as the one reviewed above. Apparently a little rest does these cigars good. It had much more richness in the spice. The Cinnamon notes were very apparent with the citrus notes and vanilla adding to the cigar's richness. There were almond notes on the end of the spice. The pepper is very good. The finish was also very good and long with rich vanilla notes with some almonds mixed in. I would also put the cigar at medium to full bodied. I stand by the original review but with some rest time the cigar does seem to improve quite a bit. I would rate the cigar higher today than the original score of 90. Today I would rate this cigar a 92.

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