April 03, 2011

Graycliff Maroon Label Torpedo

Graycliff Maroon Label Torpedo (6x54)

Video review.

This is the newest cigar from the Graycliff family. I purchased it while there in December.

The draw was good. The first flavor was a blast of leather. That quickly changed to one of black coffee, cinnamon, and black pepper. There are faint notes of vanilla. The finish is long with thick vanilla notes and lingering pepper. It is starting off medium bodied.

The black coffee notes are the leader in this cigar. They are quite prominent.

About an inch or two in orange citrus was noted. The cinnamon has overtaken the coffee notes. The orange citrus follows the cinnamon. The finish is rich vanilla.

At the midpoint the only major change is the vanilla is more prominent. There is still quite a bit of black coffee and pepper. The cinnamon and vanilla are equally divided. The burn is very even. The cigar is medium to full bodied at this point. All the various flavors are easily distinguished.

Just past the midpoint the vanilla developed a nice richness. The citrus notes are more prominent also.

In the final stages the cigar continued with the rich vanilla flavor. The coffee continued to be the main flavor. The cigar ended up fairly full bodied. A very good addition to the Graycliff family of cigars.

Score: 92

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