May 28, 2011

La Herencia de Cuba Red label torpedo

La Herencia de Cuba Red Label Torpedo (6 1/8x52)

Video review HERE.

This is the second La Herencia de Cuba cigar that I have reviewed this month. Previously I reviewed the White label torpedo. I was told that the White label was the fuller bodied version of the La Herencia de Cuba, so I wanted to find out how the Red label stacked up against the White.

You can sample these cigars by going to their site and picking up an 8 cigar sampler of all their blends.

The cigar had a good draw. Initially it had notes of leather and cinnamon.

About 3/4" in it had grapefruit notes, almonds, and leather. Short finish; almost clean with light notes of raw almonds.

I had 2 of these cigars so I decided to have one last night to get familiar with them. The cigar I had last night was quite different from this cigar. It had rich, sweet notes of orange citrus.

After another inch there were still grapefruit notes with some vanilla. Leather is still quite prominent with notes of coffee. The pepper is good. The finish is longer with almonds and a touch of sweetness.

I was told the white label was the fuller bodied of the 3 but this cigar is rather full bodied at this point.

Just past the midpoint the notes are grapefruit with some vanilla on the back end with a ton of leather. The cigar does not have sweetness. The pepper is still nice. The finish is a semi-sweet almond notes. This cigar has a lot of leather notes. If you like leather flavors you will like this cigar.

In the final stages I would say this is the tale of 2 different cigars with the same blend. This cigar is predominantly grapefruit with a touch of sweetness and a ton of leather. I am scoring this cigar in this review but I must say that it is nothing like the cigar I had last night. To make the point, the cigar last night was very rich with orange citrus and vanilla. It was fantastic! If I had reviewed that cigar I would have given it a score of 93. It was that good. This cigar is entirely different! The leather notes in this cigar are quite prominent and I personally do not like cigars with mostly leather notes. Therefore the score below reflects this cigar.

Score: 85


Anonymous said...

Glad you tried the Red Label. My favorite of the line by far. Where you able to obtain them in Columbia?

I have found White Labels at Lite Um Up but nowhere else.

Tiny Tim said...

These came out of Tampa. I know Lite Um Up used to carry La Herencia's but I'm not sure if he still does.

Since I've only had 2 Red labels and they were SO different which flavor profile have you found them to have?

Anonymous said...

The Red Label is my favorite. I smoked right through a bundle that I picked up at their shop in Tampa. Mine were consistent and worthy of your higher rating. I don't recall extreme leather. I have GOT to start taking notes!

By the way, has bundles of the torpedoes (20) at $59.00 each for Red, White and Yellow labels. That is a deal.

Tiny Tim said...

Good to know that yours were like my initial one that I had. I was hoping they were! I'll be in Tampa in early September and plan on stopping by their shop.