June 25, 2011

La Reloba Sumatra Toro

La Reloba Sumatra Toro (6 1/4x52)

Video review HERE.

One of the newer cigars in the La Reloba line from the Garcia family in their My Father Cigars factory in Nicaragua.

After cutting the cap the test draw was firm. Very dense packed cigar.

The initial flavors at light up were almonds and sweet notes of citrus and perhaps some coffee. I let it settle down for a minute.

About 3/4 inch there were lots of sweet notes, leather, almond, and some sort of citrus; not tangy but sweet. The main flavor is leather. Unusual for a Pepin cigar but they are very prominent. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Sumatra which perhaps gives the heavy leather notes. The pepper is fairly average.

These cigars are quite affordable at around $6 each. The flavors are fairly consistent. The citrus is now identified as a grapefruit. The finish is rather short with roasted almonds with some lingering pepper.

Just past the midpoint the grapefruit notes are now sweet and pleasing. The leather notes are still in the lead along with some light almond notes. The finish is now longer and sweet with notes of vanilla.

I removed the band with around 2 inches remaining. The sweet grapefruit notes have changed to rich orange citrus. This is a major change! The leather remains the main flavor but the rich orange citrus has been a tremendous improvement. The finish is still one of sweet vanilla. This is the best the cigar has been so far, in my humble opinion.

I found out that there is a third La Reloba cigar that is out; the La Reloba Selecion Mexico.

This cigar has made several changes. It started with leather and citrus, then to grapefruit citrus, then to rich orange citrus, all along having the heavy leather notes. The three changes are very noticeable. The cigar was very good.

Score: 89

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garth said...

The cigar evenly packed and it was rock solid. In about-face the pre-light draw was appealing snug, about too snug. The pre-smoke flavor was a sweet woodiness.

romeo y julieta